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Satire | When Gautam Gambhir finds a brother in Rohit Sharma

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Satire | When Gautam Gambhir finds a brother in Rohit Sharma

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Bastab K Parida


“Defending Champions” Mumbai Indians lived up to their title as Hardik Pandya played like a true “defending” champ to score an incredible 3 off 19 balls. But, Pandya’s Test aspiration resulted in Rohit Sharma losing a lot of Goibibo cash which might end up costing his long-standing Goa trip.

“2014 Lord’s victory was long past. And Rahane and you became the star in that game. See, Ishant Bhaiya, I will beat your record and will be the lone warrior for India in the England Test this time,” Hardik Pandya had given Ishant Sharma an open challenge after the latter called him “good-for-nothing” after the conclusion of the Wanderers Test in January.

Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma had laughed over it and then repeated the same in the team meeting, which offended Pandya a lot, as “sources close to sources” told a news agency. When Pandya said that he was serious and was not joking, Rohit asked him to score runs against Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Basil Thampi to be on the reckoning and it couldn’t have been a better stage for Pandya than Tuesday to showcase his Test credentials.

But, Rohit Sharma, who had already forgotten that incident thanks to his volatile nature, had high hopes from Pandya to hit some sixes because Deepika Padukone told him more sixes will give him more Goibibo cash. While that pissed Rohit off, he still had hopes on Jasprit Bumrah, who on the Reliance Jio advertisement, had said that he wanted to hit some sixes and fours. 

But, after everyone disappointed him and Mumbai lost in the worst way possible, Rohit was disgusted and immediately entered the dressing room, where the team were slated to celebrate Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday. Understanding everyone, including newly-engaged Akash Ambani, was sad, Tendulkar decided to slowly drive back home without the birthday bash. 

With silence dawned on the room completely, Mahela Jayawardene decided to break the ice and asking the team to bat more responsibly for the next game. However, Rohit was already frustrated and without telling anyone anything, he hot into his car to go to the team hotel with his wife.

As soon as he stepped into his room and decided to rest on the couch, his phone started ringing and it was Gambhir on the other side, who was asked to step down after finding him at the same position as of his former India teammate.

Gambhir: Hey, wanted to reach out to Sachin Paji, but his phone is switched off. Can you give him the phone?

Rohit: Sorry, Gauti Bhaiya. I have already left the stadium and Sachin Paji is at his home. What happened in the match was really really disgusting. I am frustrated and because of these good for nothing players, we are languishing at the bottom of the table. 

Gambhir: I feel you, bro. Same is the condition with me as well. Little did I know that this Delhi team would turn out to be a hollow cylinder. No one is ready to take up the ownership. Punter is not saying a single word after the loss and some shameless rookies are partying hard in the hotel room.

Rohit: What would I say, same is the case with me as well. I told Pandya to go and play like defending champions. He took it literally and only defended. This guy, Evin Lewis, he hits centuries after centuries when plays for West Indies, but we pay so heavily, but he doesn't hit for us.

I was in South Africa when the auction happened and sitting with Jayawardene, Nita Bhabi picked the team. They didn’t care to give me a call. Look at CSK. They are performing well because they discussed with Dhoni Bhai. 

Gambhir, who was calmly listening to Rohit’s cribbing, decided to stop him to talk about his situation. 

Gambhir: Stop talking about him now, Man. Don’t know, what tricks that guy knows? Virat is keeping him on the high pedestal and after what happened at the auction, they would end up at the bottom place. But, don’t know, man, the way they are winning is very disheartening.

Rohit (Stopping him..): Please Gauti Bhai. I am not in a mood to talk about anyone else. Tell me, what is your plan now?

Gambhir: Don’t know Rohit. May step down tomorrow. But don’t tell anyone about this. I have a meeting today. Okay, bro. Will call you later. Bye.

Rohit was stunned. 

Fast Forward to Wednesday afternoon.

Rohit gets to know that “Gambhir has stepped down from the role and his Ranji teammate Shreyas Iyer has been appointed as the skipper of the Delhi Daredevils.”

Rohit suddenly goes into silence thinking about the threat to his position. Suddenly, he saw Hardik Pandya pacing in the corridor. A slow smile comes to his face and he happily went to the dining hall for the dinner.

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