Indian Open Race Walking | Ramandeep Kaur makes national record in 35km walk

Indian Open Race Walking | Ramandeep Kaur makes national record in 35km walk

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On Sunday, Ramandeep Kaur, the national open athletics champion, won the women's 35km event at the Indian Open Race Walking Competition 2022 in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Kaur also recaptured the national record in the category, which had been taken away from her by Tokyo Olympian Priyanka Goswami.

Ramandeep Kaur set a new world record of three hours and four seconds, beating Priyanka Goswami's 3.13.19 by more than 13 minutes. Kaur was followed to the podium by Manju (3.07.49) and Payal (3.15.47).

Juned Khan won gold in the men's 35km walk with a time of 2.40.16. With timings of 2.41.30 and 2.42.02, Ram Baboo and Chandan Singh came in second and third, respectively. All three athletes beat Ram Baboo's national record of 2.46.31 from last year's National Open Athletics Championships.

Sachin Singh Bohra (43.12) and Deepika Sharma (51.32) won the men's and women's titles in the 10km walk for under-20s, respectively, in the absence of national record holders Amit Khatri and Reshma Patel.

In the men's under-20 10km walk, Rohitkumar Yadav (43.13) and Aditya Negi (44.27) won silver and bronze, respectively, while Bharti Bhadana (52.23) and Indu (52.40) finished second and third in the women's under-20 10km walk. Sandeep Kumar, an Olympian, managed to hold his men's 20km title on Saturday, while Bhawna Jat was beaten by Ravina for the women's 20km title.


Men’s 35km: 1. Juned Khan - 2.40.16 (NR); 2. Ram Baboo - 2.41.30; 3. Chandan Singh 2.42.02

Women’s 35km: 1. Ramandeep Kaur - 3.00.4 (NR); 2. Manju - 3.07.49; 3. Payal - 3.15.47

Under-20 Men’s 10km: 1. Sachin Singh Bohra - 43.12; 2. Rohitkumar Yadav - 43.13; 3. Aditya Negi - 44.27

Under-20 Women’s 10km: 1. Deepika Sharma - 51.32; 2. Bharti Bhadana - 52.23; 3. Indu - 52.40

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