WATCH | Umpire's brain-fade moment will leave you in splits

WATCH | Umpire's brain-fade moment will leave you in splits

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Umpire got involved in an appeal in a funny incident


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An umpire’s job is to not get involved in the game and give correct decisions without bias and they rarely give any reactions on the field. However, in a club cricket match in England, the umpire forgot his own role and joined the LBW appeal by the bowling team as the batter was hit on the pads.

Usually, umpires are on field to give correct decisions and ensure the smooth conduct of the game. It happens very rarely that they get involved or give away their emotions on the ground. However, a club match in England produced an incident where the umpire was involved in a hilarious incident. 

Odiham and Greywell Cricket Club were playing against Overton Cricket Club. While batting first, Overton were poised on 12/5. Sophie Cook bowled a delivery outside off which shaped back in. Batter Michael Eeles tried to leave the ball but it brushed his pads. Cook and other members of the team went for an appeal in unison. However, a gesture from the umpire left everyone in splits.

Umpire also joined the appeal with the bowling team but he realised it in quick time and gave the batter out. 

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