Suresh Raina reveals that ‘Captain Cool’ gets angry quite often

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Suresh Raina reveals that ‘Captain Cool’ gets angry quite often

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s composed demeanour had led the media to name him ‘Captain Cool’, but Suresh Raina has surprisingly revealed that the former skipper gets angry quite often. Raina also revealed that Dhoni always has three plans ready for every situation before the night of a game.

Suresh Raina has been one of the closest teammates of former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Not only did they step into the Indian team together in the early 2000s and played crucial roles in the nation’s World Cup-winning feat in 2011, but they have also spent a significant time in the Chennai Super Kings squad.

Hence, when Raina came into the candid talk show ‘Breakfast with Champions’, stories and secrets were bound to spill out. The southpaw revealed that one cannot say what is going on in Dhoni’s mind as his facial expression remains the same and, contrary to popular knowledge, he gets angry quite often.

“He doesn’t wear goggles and it is very difficult to predict what he is doing. His eyes will remain the same and you feel like telling him that ‘show some emotion’. But he gets angry a lot of times. You can’t see it on the camera but when he knows that there is a TV break, he will say ‘sudhar ja tu‘,” Raina said, as quoted by CricketNext.

Dhoni is also known to be a master strategist, who has always stayed two steps ahead of his opponent in every aspect of the game. Whether it be his lightning-quick stumpings, clever anticipation behind the stumps, or the confidence to drag a game into the death overs, from where he has often emerged as the winner, the former skipper has always come across as a visionary, equally admired by opponent teams.

Raina revealed that Dhoni is like a chess player, who has three plans ready for every situation, which he makes at night, and modifies on the match day but his opponents hardly see it coming.

“He knows what is going to happen and he knows the next step. He has three games ready like ‘plan A,’ ‘plan B,’ and ‘plan C’. He always takes three plans to the ground whether he is batting, fielding, wicket-keeping or captaining the side. He plans in the night and then visualizes in the morning using his subconscious.” said Raina.

“His game-reading skill was different. Like a chess player, no one can read his move. Like they say when he is chasing. He visualizes a lot. He steps out and then takes a single. That is not his game but he wants to tell the bowler that I can step out as well. He plays with the bowler as well,” Raina added.

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