Neeraj Chopra can win another gold in Olympics if he continues to train hard, feels David Rudisha

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Two-time Olympic gold medalist in 800m, Kenya's David Rudisha is at the fag end of his illustrious career and feels that once he takes retirement, he would be open to coaching India. The legendary runner went on to say that if Neeraj Chopra continues to train hard, he could win another gold.

Rudisha, 34, said, "after I am done with some level 1 and 2 coaching programs, yes I can have a fresh start and that (coaching) could be an option. There are no boundaries for coaches. You are like a teacher and whoever wants to learn is most welcome."

Rudisha, who is in India as the brand ambassador of Sunday's Apollo Tyres New Delhi Marathon, is one of the very few who have managed to defend their crown in track and field events at the Olympics. On Neeraj Chopra, he said, "It's a tough eight-year journey performing in consecutive Olympics. So many new athletes are coming in.

"My experience says it's not easy to defend (gold) and there are no guarantees, given that so many other things like physical fitness, preparation, etc play a major role. But, yes, it's still achievable." 

Rudisha also opened up on the doping menace athletes in Kenya are suffering from, and how it is impacting their performances. "Doping is a big problem in our country. It's damaging the sport there. If I am right, Kenya has been topping the (doping) list for 10 years now. Some athletes take shortcuts, which is bad.

"I fail to understand when they have the talent, why do they resort to such practices. They are spoiling the name of the country, and by doing so are robbing those who have worked hard to get there. They are ignorant that they are harming the prospects of their brothers and sisters."

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