Para shuttlers Manasi Joshi and Ruthick Raghupati become world no.1 in mixed doubles

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In the most recent BWF Para-badminton rankings, the team of Ruthick Ragupathi and Manasi Girishchandra Joshi rose to the top spot in the mixed doubles SL3-SU5 division. There are six categories in which Indians are at the top; In the Women's Singles SL3 category, Manasi Joshi kept her top ranking.

In the same category, Mandeep Kaur and Parul Parmar follow Joshi, who are ranked second and third, respectively. Additionally, Manisha Ramadass continued to hold the top spot in the women's singles SU5 division. Nithya Sre is placed first in another women's singles category of SH6.

No male singles player is currently holding the number one position. Pramod Bhagat, a paralympic gold medalist from 2020, is rated second in the SL3 category, and Sukant Kadam is ranked second in the SL4 category. Krishna Nagar, a paralympic champion, fell to seventh place in the SH6 category following a protracted injury.

In the Men's Doubles SU5 division, Hardik Makkar and Ruthick Raupathi win first place. With three pairings in the top 5, India dominated the women's doubles SL3-SU5 division. Mandeep Kaur and Manisha Ramadass are in the first place, followed by Manasi Joshi and Shanthiya Vishwanathan in fourth and Palak Kohli and Parul Parmar in third.

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