BFI appoint John Warburton as head coach for Sub-Junior category

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The BFI announced the appointment of John Warburton as the head coach for the Sub-Junior Category. The appointment is part of a strategic partnership between BFI and JSW aimed at the development of Indian Boxing at grassroot level and Warburton will bring in a wealth of expertise to Indian boxing.

With a coaching career spanning nearly four decades, Warburton has been actively involved in the English boxing scene since 1984. He gained recognition and respect through his work with the senior male England team, where he collaborated with Olympic and World medalists such as Audley Harrison, Amir Khan, James DeGale, David Haye, and Carl Froch.

As the head coach in the sub-junior category, John Warburton is poised to contribute significantly towards the growth and development of young Indian boxers.

In 2010, John Warburton joined the England national team as a youth development and performance coach, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering their growth. Throughout his tenure, he played a significant role in preparing numerous boxers who successfully advanced through the Great Britain pathway, excelling at prestigious events such as the Commonwealth Games, European and World Championships as well as the Olympics.

“We at BFI are extremely proud and happy to have Mr Warburton to nurture the younger talents and guide them with enormous experiences that he has from his career. At BFI it is our mission to not only encourage excellence at the highest level of Indian Boxing but also ensure we can have similar levels of training at the grassroots level too and unearth more talents and create a strong talent pool,” said Hemanta Kalita, Secretary General of the Boxing Federation of India (BFI).

BFI remains committed to providing the best training and support for young boxers, ensuring their holistic development and facilitating their journey to become champions on the global stage.

Currently, Warburton heads boxing at JSW's Inspire Institute of Sport, where he has also worked with promising Indian boxers, including Manju Bamboriya, Manisha Moun, and Nishant Dev. His expertise and guidance have played a crucial role in their development and progression.

His outstanding track record extends beyond his work with national teams and institutes. He has nurtured and mentored numerous boxers in England, helping them reach professional world championships.

Notable names among his protégés include Callum Smith and Antony Bellew, who have made their mark on the international boxing stage. Armed with a Master of Science (MSc) in sports coaching, Warburton is nearing completion of a Doctorate in applied sport and exercise science as well, showcasing his dedication to continual learning and advancement in the field of boxing.

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