VIDEO | George Burrows' full-toss catches Matt Critchley ‘Chest Before Wicket’ in epic manner

VIDEO | George Burrows' full-toss catches Matt Critchley ‘Chest Before Wicket’ in epic manner

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It was an extremely funny dismissal


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The epic Sachin Tendulkar-Glenn McGrath ‘Shoulder Before Wicket’ dismissal has been remembered quite vividly even today and the controversy surrounding it doesn’t cease to die down. A variant of it happened on Monday when Matt Critchley was dismissed 'Chest Before Wicket' in a funny way.

You might change the county format, you might do away with all the end season dramas but when it comes to producing really funny moments, England beats every single country quite convincingly. On the backdrop of those dense forests and natural weather, Bob Willis Trophy is holding the legacy aloft and the North Group game between Lancashire and Derbyshire produced a moment of absolute fun.

In reply to Lancashire’s 219 in the first innings, Derbyshire suffered a massive top-order collapse, with none of the top-four contributing more than six runs. Sure enough, wicket-keeper Harvey Hosein scored a fine 84 towards the end to keep the team afloat, but the moment of the day was produced by the tag-team effort of Derbyshire’s Matt Critchley and Lancashire’s George Burrows.

Burrows bowled a full-toss to Critchley and instead of going on the back-foot and giving the due treatment to the ball, the Derbyshire batsman stood his guard and, mind-bogglingly, ducked. As a result, the ball invariably hit him on his chest and the batsman fell down on the ground. While Critchley was unsure of what was happening, Lancashire players started appealing for the wicket.

Graham Lloyd, the business end umpire, took his own sweet time to judge before raising his index finger. However, the dismissal raised a debate on social media if Lloyd was actually right in calling that out, given Critchley took 'evasive action' and the impact of the ball was outside off-stump. But no matter that, one would be hard-pressed to imagine we'll get a funnier “LBW” dismissal this year.

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Ever seen a dismissal like this before? 🤷‍♂️☝

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