BGT 2023 | Pat Cummins’ inexperience of captaining on turning tracks hurt Australia, opines Geoff Lawson

BGT 2023 | Pat Cummins’ inexperience of captaining on turning tracks hurt Australia, opines Geoff Lawson

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Australia are traling by 2-0 against India under the leadership of Pat Cummins



Former Australia pacer Geoff Lawson has opined that Pat Cummins’ lack of experience while leading the national team on turning tracks has been the primary reason for the team’s defeat. He also added that Daniel Vettori should have a greater role to play and advise spinners on how to excel in India.

Australia, up against India in a four-match Test series, were thoroughly outplayed by the hosts in the first two games of the series. While the batters struggled to score runs on spin-friendly pitches, the bowlers failed to produce the goods as well in moments that mattered the most. Even thoughthe Indian spin duo of Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja have been largely lauded for the victories, former Australia cricketer Geoff Lawson put down the losses to Pat Cummins’ lack of experience while captaining on turning tracks.

“Cummo (Cummins) has so little experience captaining on spinning wickets, in the contemporary game your captain plays very little Sheffield Shield, and he certainly doesn’t play on spinning wickets,” Lawson told SEN Radio.

“So where does he learn to do all the creative and adaptable things you need to do? He doesn’t, he just gets thrown in the deep end and we watch a lot of videos and make decisions.”

At present, Kiwi legend Daniel Vettori is a part of the Australian contingent as well in the capacity of assistant coach. Despite being regarded as one of the greatest spinners of the modern generation, Vettori has failed to have much of an impact on the team's performance thereby drawing criticism from Lawson. 

“The man who’s probably not copping as much as he should is Daniel Vettori who is one of the great left-arm orthodox bowlers in the world, but he should be advising on how we’re going to bowl and how we’re going to play against that sort of bowling,” he stated. 

“He seems to have escaped a bit of attention here because when I see shots of the dressing room I think, ‘What’s Vettori’s input here, he’s the man who was a great slow ball’. He should perhaps be having more input than most.”

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