Reports | Promotion & relegation between ISL and I-League a possibility from next season

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In a major development, during meeting between FIFA-AFC and stakeholders of Indian football, a promotion, and relegation system has been devised for the upcoming season of ISL and I-League. This will come as a huge boost to I-League clubs, who will get a chance to play against top clubs in India.

Meanwhile, it looks like a done deal, but the confirmation is yet to come from the AIFF. While the system was in talks for a few years now, it has only been finalized now, which could prove to be a blessing for Indian football. 

As per the system, the 2022–23 I-League champions will be promoted to the Indian Super League, as a part of the roadmap. But in the past, several I-League clubs had asked for a confirmation on the same from the AIFF, and the AFC. 

On the other hand, the FIFA-AFC delegation also expects to have an elected executive committee in place in the shortest possible time, after Praful Patel was ousted last month. (More to Follow)

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