Ravi Shastri announces 3-day workshop for curators on art of preparing 3-day pitches

Ravi Shastri announces 3-day workshop for curators on art of preparing 3-day pitches

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In a candid interview, director for the Indian cricket team Ravi Shastri has accepted that India's recent run of good results, till the match against West Indies, has been mostly down to the favourable home conditions. He has also revealed BCCI's new plan, based on his proposal, to arrange a three-day workshop for all the pitch curators in India to learn the art of preparing three-day Test wickets.

“There will be no half-measures here. It is time to set the cat among the pigeons. India needs two things to win cricket matches – Kohli and curator. Amar Karlekar (Nagpur pitch curator) has set the benchmark high for the others to follow, and he will conduct a three-day workshop in Delhi for rest,” Shastri said in a press conference.

When quizzed about why such a drastic step was being taken, he said, “This is just what the doctor ordered. Seeing a dusty track does our spinners' confidence a world of good. The odd ball should keep low, our spinners will have a merry time and in the end, cricket will be the winner”.

Shastri also disclosed his dream of playing five front-line spinners, and that they were in talks to open a new spin academy. “We all dream of a team of Ashwins. However, a day shall come when we will field five spinners in our team. It will cut down BCCI's operations costs as well, since currently we are spending a lot on our fast bowlers who injure themselves every second week.”

“The MRF Pace Foundation has been a failure, it is time we go back to our culture and heritage. The art of spin bowling was mentioned in our Vedas long before the Englishman Lamborn bowled his off-breaks.”

A bemused reporter, looking for some content which could possibly make some legitimate sense, asked about his prediction for the final between England and West Indies, to which Shastri promptly opined, “At this stage, all three results are possible”.

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