Virat Kohli ruled out of IPL and Champions Trophy

Virat Kohli ruled out of IPL and Champions Trophy

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Virat Kohli will miss the entire Indian Premier League season and the subsequent Champions Trophy after undergoing surgery on his shoulder yesterday. The India captain had sustained the injury during the recent Test series against Australia that saw him miss the final Test in Dharamsala. 

Kohli suffered the injury during the third Test while trying to save a boundary and reports had suggested that he required a 10-day rest to recover completely. On the eve of the final Test, Kohli had said that he would only play if he was declared 100% fit, but as luck would have it, he was not given the go-ahead by the Indian physio.

It had looked like Kohli would miss the initial weeks of IPL-10, starting on April 5, but after undergoing surgery yesterday, it was announced that Kohli would require a break of at least four months to recover completely. This would mean that not only would Kohli miss the IPL but also India's Champions Trophy title defense in June.

"I am obviously very disappointed with what has just transpired, but injuries are a part of sport. After a long talk with Patrick Farhart (Indian team physio), I decided to go ahead with the surgery so as to get ready for the South Africa series," Kohli said after his surgery.

Kohli's operating doctor, A Singh, said that it was common for sportsmen to suffer such injuries in contact sports.

"Virat was suffering from shoulder instability. This occurs when the ligaments, muscles, and tendons are no longer secured with the shoulder joint. As a result, the top part of your upper arm bone dislocates (the bone pops out of the shoulder socket completely), or subluxates (the bone partially comes out of the socket)," Singh explained.

"The surgery was a success but we have advised Virat to take at least four months off anything that might cause too much strain on his shoulder."

Kohli, however, said that he would try to nurse himself to fitness as quickly as possible and also suggested who should replace him as the captain for the Champions Trophy.

"I just have to take this one on the chin and try to make a comeback as soon as possible. As far as the captaincy for the Champions Trophy is concerned, I would recommend Hardik Pandya to be handed the reigns of the team. MS (Dhoni) will be there to help Hardik, who we all see as a future captain of the team, in leading the charge for the team," Kohli said.

While this appears to be devastating news for Indian fans, it is very important to realize today is April 1. And we hope to see Kohli back in action as quickly as possible in IPL-10.

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