Anshul Jubli wins Road to UFC final against Jeka Saragih, earns a contract with UFC

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Anshul Jubli won the lightweight class of the Road to UFC tournament by defeating Jeka Saragih of Indonesia. He won the bout by technical knockout after finishing it in just two rounds. Anshul becomes the second Indian, after Bharat Khandare, to secure a contract with the UFC after this victory.

Anshul controlled the action in both rounds, landing most of the blows with his opponent. Anshul was initially provoked by the Indonesian, who was also trying to make fun of the Indian by making a goofy expression.

Anshul immediately responded to the gesture by attacking Saragih viciously and eventually putting him down. He wrestled with the Indonesian, keeping him there, and continued to swat him with fists. In an awkward situation, Saragih attempted to break free of the grasp by elbowing Anshul, but it was unsuccessful. With little over 40 seconds left in the first round, the Indonesian was finally able to break free of the struggle. Anshul had the upper hand when the round was over.

Saragih began the second round, which ended up being the fight's decisive round, by attacking. Before Anshul once more took control of his opponent, he kicked Anshul in the body. This time, Anshul caught his opponent in a hold from behind and struck him a couple times with his knee. Then, employing a similar strategy, he knocked him to the ground and threw a barrage of punches, causing the referee to stop the fight in 3:44 seconds.

The result also preserved Anshul's winning streak. ā€œI've dominated this fight, that's why I'm here. Why Indian fighters deserve to win the UFC? I'm going to keep evolving, I want to keep grinding, and my plan is to be the best in the world and I'll do whatever it needs to be done,ā€ said Anshul in his post-fight interview.

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