Neeraj Chopra reveals his simple, yet effective diet plan

Neeraj Chopra reveals his simple, yet effective diet plan

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To become a champion athlete, one needs to eat like a champion too, and an ordinary diet won't do them any good. Similar is the case with World Champion Neeraj Chopra, who has to maintain a body fat percentage of 10%, which is best suited for javelin throwers.

But it's easier said than done. The 25-year-old has to follow a really strict diet routine which can't go haywire. Recently, in an interview with ESPN, he revealed his diet. He went on to say that he starts his day either with coconut water or juice.

Then for breakfast, he keeps it light and consumes three egg whites, two slices of bread, some dalia, and fruits. For lunch, he prefers curd and rice, with some dal, grilled chicken, and some salad. In between meals he usually has some dry fruits, especially almonds, and some fresh juice.

Dinner is light, and mostly consists of soup, bolied vegetables, and some fruit. As an athlete, he requires a good amount of protein as well, and relies on suppements for that. In fact, meat was a recent addition to his diet and was strictly a vegetarian until 2016.

"It's supposed to be good for you. I've started eating it recently. If I have to eat non-vegetarian food, I'll prefer having some grilled salmon," he revealed. In his earlier interviews, he had said that when on a break or when at home, he prefers having churma.

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