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    Vishwas K


    Someone once said, Sports is a way of life. I, for one, believed it even before I truly understood what it meant, only to later learn what I heard is what it is. As I write I feel like I'm living the moments, though it is my half baked piece of cake!

    featurecricket4 years ago

    Why England's performance in India was a tactical disaster

    After a momentary storm post lunch, the dust seemed to have settled at Chepauk; with every over bowled a draw seemed to loom large but only until Moeen Ali decided to exhibit some needless aggression. A moment of madness that would have lasting repercussions in the last session of the series.
    Vishwas K
    featuretennis4 years ago

    Only time can stop Serena Williams

    As long as Serena is enjoying herself on the court, there is very little doubt about her maintaining her dominance. After her 22nd slam victory, it seems that the only certainty that will stop her is the ‘Time’.
    Vishwas K