LIVE - CWG 2022 | India conclude great day at badminton court

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It is day eight at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and Indian badminton stars will be again in action today. It all starts with Jolly Treesa/Pullela Gayatri Gopichand vs Leung/Ganesha in women's doubles, followed by all the singles stars - Lakshya Sen, PV Sindhu, Aakarshi Kashyap and Kidambi Srikanth.

Satwik/Chirag 21 - Murad/Saeed 7

India wrap up the match.

This is an excellent win here as they win 21-8, 21-7.

Satwik/Chirag 19 - Murad/Saeed 7

A rare unforced error by Chirag Shetty. Pakistan get a point here.

Satwik/Chirag 18 - Murad/Saeed 6

Pakistan get another. Spare a thought for the team which wasn't sure of coming to the Games.

Satwik/Chirag 17 - Murad/Saeed 5

Now the Indians are way too comfortable. This match, honestly, was a warm up for them.

Satwik/Chirag 16 - Murad/Saeed 5

Pakistan should really try and win a few points here, just to get some confidence.

Satwik/Chirag 15 - Murad/Saeed 5

The Pakistani team can't handle Satwik's smashes. India win another point.

Satwik/Chirag 14 - Murad/Saeed 3

This match should be over in the next 5 mins.

Satwik/Chirag 13 - Murad/Saeed 3

What must the players be thinking when they face competitors who are not the strongest?

Satwik/Chirag 11 - Murad/Saeed 2

The shuttle bounces off the net and Pakistan get a lucky point.

Satwik/Chirag 10 - Murad/Saeed 1

Another  unforced error and Indians are nearing a win.

Satwik/Chirag 8 - Murad/Saeed 1

This match is going at a rapid speed, but finally Pakistan have a point.

Satwik/Chirag  7 - Murad/Saeed 0

There is no match between the teams, as  Pakistanis fail to make returns.

Satwik/Chirag  - Murad/Saeed match starts now.

In fact the Indians, as expected are in solid lead. They lead 4-0 in the second game.

UPDATE - Lakshya Sen and Aakarshi Kashyap have booked their place in the Quarter finals of their respective singles events. Both youngsters won in straight games.

UPDATE - Lakshya Sen has already taken the first game against Ying Lin in his round of 16 clash. He is leading by 14-9 in the second.  

Sindhu has sealed the win to advance to the quarter finals. 

SINDHU 0 - 0 KOBUGABE (1 - 0)

Sindhu will want to end this one quickly. She would not want to extend herself too much here.




Two more points for Sindhu. She has 10 GAME POINTS!


Back to back points by Sindhu now. Her streak is broken by a brilliant Kobugabe drop.


Back to back points for the Ugandan but she hits her clear long to allow Sindhu another points


Sindhu appears to be playing around with her opponent. There is no intensity in her game right now.


Sindhu has a point back but then hits her clear well long.


Sindhu with the error again. She lets the shuttle drop and it falls well in.


Another run of errors from the Ugandan. Sindhu heads into the break with a seven point lead.


Errors all around. Kodubage is struggling to keep up with the pace. 


That is Sindhu at her best. She ups the tempo to claim three very quick points.


Sindhu is just feeling out her opponent her. The first six points are shared.


The players are out and ready. After a warm up we will have live action for you.

PV Sindhu will take on Husina Kobugabe of Uganda in her quest to reach the quarter final of the Women's Singles event. That match will start as soon as the match between Malaysia and Australia comes to an end.

Srikanth 21 - 12 Dumindu (1 - 0)


Srikanth 20 - 12 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Dumindu gets another one but an error by the Sri Lankan brings up match points.

Srikanth 19 - 11 Dumindu (1 - 0)

But that is all he is willing to give Dumindu. Back to back points for the Indian now.

Srikanth 17 - 11 Dumindu (1 - 0)

FOUR IN A ROW FOR DUMINDU!! Srikanth has just taken his foot off the pedal.

Srikanth 17 - 9 Dumindu (1 - 0)

The Sri Lankan though responds with two quick points of his own. The second, which was an inside out drop, left Srikanth on his knees.

Srikanth 17 - 7 Dumindu (1 - 0)

The Indian has had enough! Three very quick points to open up a ten point lead.

Srikanth 14 - 7 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Another Srikanth error is followed by a moment of brilliance by the man. A down the line smash by Dumindu is returned with perfection for a winner by the Indian.

Srikanth 13 - 6 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Dumindu gets his sixth point of the game off a Srikanth error. The Indian makes up for it with an inside out smash on the next point.

Srikanth 12 - 5 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Great cross court winner by the Indian. He has not broken a sweat here so far.

Srikanth 11 - 5 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Much like the last game, Dumindu takes the first point after the break.

Srikanth 11 - 4 Dumindu (1 - 0)

And with another unforced error by the Sri Lankan, Srikanth heads into the break with a huge seven point lead.

Srikanth 9 - 4 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Back to back errors by the Sri Lankan allows the Indian to open up a huge gap.

Srikanth 7 - 4 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Dumindu comes up with a winner but then hits one long to stay off the Indian's back.

Srikanth 6 - 3 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Srikanth has now upped the pace a bit. 

Srikanth 4 - 3 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Dumindu draws level again but the Indian forces an error to have his lead back.

Srikanth 3 - 2 Dumindu (1 - 0)

Back to back points for the Indian sees him take the lead again

Srikanth 1 - 1 Dumindu (1 - 0)

The Indian starts off with a quick winner before Dumindu restores parity off a misjudgment by  Srikanth.

Srikanth 0 - 0 Dumindu (1 - 0)


Srikanth 21 - 9 Dumindu

That is all she wrote. The Indian has taken the first game. This should be a quick second one as well 

Srikanth 20 - 9 Dumindu


Dumindu saves one of them

Srikanth 18 - 8 Dumindu

Srikanth has just breezed through this game so far. Dumindu has no replies even if he gets a point here and there.

Srikanth 16 - 8 Dumindu

Srikanth looks like he is first gear as he comes up with a down the line winner following an unforced error.

Srikanth 15 - 7 Dumindu

Another great drop by Dumindu is followed by a couple of points for the Indian.

Srikanth 13 - 6 Dumindu

Back to back points for the Indian has put him well clear of his opponent. 

Srikanth 11 - 6 Dumindu

Dumindu starts off with a perfect drop to open the scoring after the break.

Srikanth 11 - 5 Dumindu

After a service error that left him shaking his head, Srikanth comes up with a perfect net shot to go into the break leading by six points.

Srikanth 10 - 4 Dumindu

Srikanth pushes his opponent deep into the backcourt before a half smash extends his lead.

Srikanth 8 - 4 Dumindu

And again. This time it is a cross court drop that gets the Indian another point on the board.

Srikanth 7 - 4 Dumindu

The Indian has had enough. A run of some great attacking badminton helps him extend his lead even further.

Srikanth 5 - 4 Dumindu

Srikanth though shows some brilliant play at the net to level the score and take the lead for himself.

Srikanth 3 - 4 Dumindu

A careless long clear from Srikanth falls wide as Dumindu retakes the lead.

Srikanth 3 - 3 Dumindu

After the Sri Lankan doubled his lead, Srikanth steps up his game to level the game at 3 all.

Srikanth 1 - 2 Dumindu

The Indian will take the next point but the net will gift the Sri Lankan the lead again.

Srikanth 0 - 1 Dumindu

And we are off. Srikath concedes the first point as his drop falls wide.

We have some live action now. Srikanth has taken the court against Sri Lanka's Dumindu Abeywickrama. 

We have a little time before the Indians take the court back again. We will be right there as soon as that happens.

Jolly and Gopichand are through to the Quarter finals of the Women's doubles event having beaten Jemimah Sang and Ganesh Mungrah of Mauritius in straight games of 21-2, 21-4.

Jolly and Gopichand continue to impress and are currently leading 11-1 at the break in the second game. They have already taken the first game 21-2.

The Indian pair of Gopichand and Jolly have taken their first game against Jemimah Sang and Ganesh Mungrah of Mauritius 21-2.

Here’s the full schedule of Indian events at CWG 2022 on August 5

Athletics and Para Athletics

Women’s 100m Hurdles Round 1, Heat 2: Jyothi Yarraji – 3:06 PM

Women’s Long Jump qualifying round – Group A: Ancy Edapilly – 4:10 PM

Men’s 4x400m relay round 1, Heat 2: 4:19 PM

Men’s Triple Jump Qualifying A&B: A. Aboobacker, Pravin Chithravel, Eldhose Paul – 11:35 PM

Women’s 200m semi-final 2: Hima Das – 12:53 AM (Saturday)

Badminton (starts at 3:30 PM IST)

Women’s doubles round of 16: Jolly Treesa/Pullela Gayatri Gopichand vs Leung/Ganesha – 4:10 PM

Men’s singles round of 16: K Srikanth vs Dumindu Abeywickrama – 5:30 PM

Women’s singles round of 16: PV Sindhu vs Husina Kobugabe – 6:10 PM

Women’s singles round of 16: Akarshi Kashyap vs Eva Kattirtzi – 11:20 PM

Men’s singles round of 16: Lakshya Sen vs Ying Xiang Lin – 11:20 PM

Men’s doubles round of 16: Satwik Sairaj Rankireddy/ Chirag Shetty vs Murad Ali/Saeed Bhatti – 12 AM (Saturday)

Para Table Tennis

Women’s Singles, Class 3-5, Semi-final: Bhavina Patel vs Sue Bailey – 2:40 PM

Women’s Singles, Class 3-5, Semi-final: Sonal Patel vs Christina Ikepoye – 2:40 PM

Men’s Singles, Class 3-5, Semi-final: Raj Aravindan vs Naslru Sule – 2:40 PM

Lawn Bowls

Women’s Pair Quarter-finals: India vs England – 1 PM

Men’s Fours Quarter-finals: India vs Canada – 4:30 PM

Women’s Pair Semi-finals* – 4:30 P

Men’s Fours Semi-finals* – 9 PM


Women’s Doubles, Quarter-final: Joshna Chinappa/Dipika Pallikal vs Chan/Ainaa Ampandi – 10:30 PM

Men’s doubles round of 16: Velavan Senthilkumar/ Abhay Singh vs Douglas/Alan Clyne – 11:15 PM

Mixed doubles quarterfinal: Dipika Pallikal/Sourav Ghosal vs Grinham Rachael/Alexander Zac (Australia) – 12:45 AM (Saturday)

Table Tennis

Mixed Doubles round of 16: Sathiyan Gnansekaran/Manika Batra vs Olajlde/Ajoke – 2 PM

Mixed Doubles round of 16: Achantha Sharath Kamal/Akula Sreeja vs Chee Feng/Ying Ho – 2 PM

Women’s singles round of 16: Sreeja Akula vs Charlotte Carey – 3:15 PM

Women’s singles round of 16: Reeth Tennison vs Tianwei Fang – 3:15 PM

Women’s singles round of 16: Manika Batra vs Minhyung Jee – 3:15 PM

Men’s doubles round of 16: Harmeet/Sanil vs Dillon/Xin Yan – 3:55 PM

Men’s doubles round of 16: Sathiyan/Sharath vs Bawm/Mohutasin – 3:55 PM

Women’s doubles round of 32: Manika/Diya vs Chung/Spicer – 4:30 PM

Men’s singles round of 32: Sharath vs Finn Luu – 5:05 PM

Men’s singles round of 32: Sathiyan vs Paul McCreery – 5:45 PM

Men’s singles round of 32: Sanil Shetty vs Derek Abrefa – 5:45 PM

Women’s doubles round of 32: Reeth/Sreeja vs Elliott/Plaistow – 9:30 PM


Women’s Semi-final: India versus Australia – 12:45 AM (Saturday)

Wrestling (3 PM onwards)

Men’s Freestyle 125kg, Quarter-final: Mohit Grewal vs Alexios Kaouslidis (Cyprus)

Men’s Freestyle 65kg, 1/8 Final (Pre-quarters): Bajrang Punia vs Lowe Bingham (Nauru)

Men’s Freestyle 86kg, 1/8 Final (Pre-quarters): Deepak Punia vs Matthew Oxenham (New Zealand)

Women’s Freestyle 57kg, Quarter-final: Anshu Malik vs TBD

Women’s Freestyle 62kg, Quarter-final: Sakshi Malik vs Kelsey Barnes (England)

Women’s Freestyle 68kg, Quarter-final: Divya Kakran vs TBD

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