BPL 2023 | Twitter reacts as Shakib Al Hasan adds yet another episode to heated arguments with umpires

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Shakib Al Hasan has been a controversial figure on the cricket field as he has been involved in furious exchanges with umpires over their decisions in the past. He added yet another episode to the series of such instances in his career as he was fuming in anger over the umpire’s injustice.

The brand new season of the Bangladesh Premier League commenced on January 6 and it has witnessed a lot of interesting action in the four matches played so far. However, apart from the remarkable performance so far in the tournament, the season will be remembered for a controversial moment provided by the Fortune Barishal all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan against Sylhet Strikers. 

Shakib has been criticized earlier for his behavior with umpires and he was seen getting angry once again. He was facing the 16th over of the innings bowled by Rejaur Rahman Raja. The bowler bowled a slow bouncer on the fourth ball which climbed over the head of Shakib and went past him to the wicketkeeper. The umpire adjudged it as the first bounce while Shakib was expecting it to be called wide. 

As soon as the umpire declared his judgment Shakib yelled in anger and charged aggressively toward the umpire for not making the right decision. He got into a heated argument with the umpire but the decision was sustained. However, the replays clearly showed that the ball was too high and it should have been called a wide. 

The Bangladesh all-rounder was correct in his judgment but his expressions were not appropriate and the fans blasted him for his antics on Twitter. 

Shakib definitely has some anger issues

He was fuming

Not happy at all

Not pleased


He needs to stop

Who compared it to Kohli?

Umpire's nightmare

Angry lad

Knight riders for represented

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