IPL changed monopoly of international cricket on players’ time, opines Pat Cummins

IPL changed monopoly of international cricket on players’ time, opines Pat Cummins

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Pat Cummins is of the opinion that IPL has changed scenario of international cricket



Australia captain Pat Cummins has stated that the IPL has played a key role in international cricket no longer having a monopoly on players’ time. He further added that there might be a time in the future when national teams will need clearance from franchises for their players’ availability.

After the conclusion of the IPL 2023, India will square off against Australia in the World Test Championship final, and the players will have the challenge of switching their game according to the format. Australia’s Test captain Pat Cummins opted out of the IPL 2023 but has experience of appearing in 42 IPL games and thus, the pacer expressed his view on the impact of the league on world cricket. Cummins stated that the league has changed the monopoly of international cricket on players’ time. 

"It's been coming for a while, but I think it is here now," Cummins told Sydney Morning Herald. "International cricket doesn't have a monopoly on players' time like it did in the past. The IPL changed that a decade ago, but there's just going to be more and more content that creeps in, so I think we've got to be proactive about that."

League cricketer has been emerging in recent years with various countries coming up with their own leagues. Also, as a result, cricketers like Trent Boult have prioritized franchise cricket over international cricket. Cummins feels that the sport is following the footsteps of football and the cricketers might need to get clearance from their franchises to play in the international arena.  

When you're talking about some of the opportunities that may be provided through the franchises, I don't think you can blame players that might take that option," he added. "I see the day where that (a franchise release) happens. I think it's reality. You've seen it in other sports. So again, we've got to keep selling why playing for Australia is so special. And making sure there is some flexibility to try and get the best out of these guys.”

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