Feeling relieved that Mohun Bagan's logo and colours are unchanged, asserts Jose Ramirez Barreto

Feeling relieved that Mohun Bagan's logo and colours are unchanged, asserts Jose Ramirez Barreto

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Jose Ramirez Barreto played over 10 seasons for Mohun Bagan



Former Mohun Bagan star Jose Ramirez Barreto stated that he is relieved that the colours of the shirt and the logo have been unchanged after the club merged with ATK. The Brazilian is a legend in Indian football, having led Mohun Bagan and Mahindra United to national league titles during his prime.

  1. Even though the merger between Mohun Bagan and ATK took place in January this year, there was no clarity on the logo and the colours to be used in their kit. Finally, during the first board meeting of the club last week, it was decided that the iconic green and maroon colours jerseys would be retained along with the logo with the addition of ATK on it. Mohun Bagan legend and an ardent supporter of the club was relieved that the legacy of the 131-year old club was kept intact.

“Feeling relieved about the logo and the colours of the shirt are there. I don’t think so the name ATK will affect it in any way. The logo and the colours are something that we fans are emotional about. We are happy with the decision of the management, the board of directors at ATK Mohun Bagan.,” said Jose Ramirez Barreto.

“I don't think supporters could think of going to the stadium and see Mohun Bagan with different colours. You can’t imagine a Mohun Bagan fan putting the green and maroon shirt away and calling any other colour the club shirt. It would be difficult for them,” added the former footballer.

Mohun Bagan’s entry into the Indian Super League was long-awaited, as the club was seeking possible ways for moving into the top-tier league. As per the former I-League winner, the dreams of millions of Mohun Bagan fans have now become true and it was a great step by the historic club.

“It has been a long story. Since 2014-15, all the supporters of Mohun Bagan have been dreaming to be part of it. Finally, it has become a reality. The dream has come true for the supporters. It is a great feeling as an ex-Mohun Bagan star and as a Mohun Bagan fan. I am sure all the fans share my excitement as well. It is a great step taken by the Mohun Bagan club. Two giants are coming together to help build a great team in the ISL,” said Barreto.

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