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Has to be some consequences for Premier League’s ‘Big six’, asserts Richard Scudamore

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All six English sides have withdrawn from the Super League


Has to be some consequences for Premier League’s ‘Big six’, asserts Richard Scudamore

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Former Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore believes that the league’s ‘Big six’ clubs need to be punished for their part in founding the Super League last week. 12 clubs from across Europe’s big five leagues founded a breakaway closed league with six from England involved.

In a decision that transformed the landscape of European football, the Super League has shocked the world and football in general with many refusing to believe that their clubs created a Super League. However, while it has been disbanded and suspended in the week since it’s creation, the consequences of the decision are still being felt from across Europe.

But with the twelve clubs not receiving any bans or not being punished by either UEFA, FIFA or their domestic leagues, Richard Scudamore believes that the Premier League needs to take the first step. In an interview recent, Scudamore admitted that the English league needs to punish their Big Six sides to make sure they understand that they can’t do this. The former Premier League executive chairman also added that he has no clue why they thought this was a good idea.

"I think the actions of the six have altered the dynamic forever. There has to be some consequences. Things have to change. There is no switch you can turn that suddenly builds back trust with these people and the fan base. It is a long and difficult road back. After a period of some healing, we have to rebuild this thing,” Scudamore told Gary Neville’s YouTube channel.

"I cannot explain why any of them thought it was a good idea. I am the person who had been telling them for years it was a crazy idea and could not happen. What's happened in the last week is that it's been stopped and that's the right thing.

"Anyone who knows me would know I found this completely unacceptable. There has to be some consequences. I think something will have to be extracted by way of undertakings or attitude. I am not going to get involved about whether there should be punishments or sanctions," he added.

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