Indian hockey stars join #Whitecard Campaign that aims to promote worldwide peace

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As the world observes the 10th anniversary of International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on Thursday, the Indian hockey stars joined the #WhiteCard Campaign. To celebrate the special occasion, the members of Indian hockey teams shared special messages to mark the occasion.

Just like various color cards in the sporting world such as green, yellow, and red, the #WhiteCard is a symbol to promote and support worldwide peace efforts. The #WhiteCard campaign aims to highlight sport’s growing recognition as a tool for peace and to promote sport as a means of cultivating more inclusive societies.

Showcasing her support for the global initiative, the Indian Women's Hockey Team Captain and ace goalkeeper Savita said, "Sport has the power to break the barriers and unite us all. I believe sports can empower men and women in equal measure. Let us join hands to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace through this wonderful #WhiteCard initiative.”

Meanwhile, veteran defender Deep Grace Ekka said that sports have become a symbol of global women's empowerment and have inspired the younger generation of women over the years. "To see the rise of women in sports not just in India, but all around the world over the past few years has been incredible. Sports have the power to bring about a change of such magnitude and impact the lives of younger women athletes who dare to dream," Ekka said while holding up a #WhiteCard to symbolise the power of sport.

The seasoned forward Lalremsiami continued, "Hockey as a sport brings the Indian team together as a single family working towards a common goal despite our varied religious, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. This is the strength of sports. Sports have the potential to empower people. Let us commemorate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, and here is my #WhiteCard for the peace movement through sport."

The Indian Men's Hockey Team Captain Harmanpreet Singh also joined the annual campaign."Sports not only keep one physically fit, but also makes them mentally stronger and capable of dealing with any life situation. Sports has made me a better person as it has taught me valuable life lessons that I carry along with me. I feel glad to be associated with the #WhiteCard campaign to promote peace through sports," he said.

Hardik Singh, a midfielder for the India Men's Hockey Team, also asserted that sports is essential to creating a better society. "Throughout my playing career, I have never seen any discrimination in hockey. Sports is creating a better society as it goes past all the barriers and unites us all. Join me to celebrate the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace and here's my #WhiteCard for peace through sport movement," he said.

Indian Men's Hockey Team midfielder Vivek Sagar Prasad added that sports can make a difference in everyone's life. "Sports have the power to make an impact in each and everyone's life irrespective of which part of the world, or which section of the society they come from. Let’s join together to promote peace through sports on this International Day of Sport for Development and Peace," he said.

The Indian Junior Men's and Indian Junior Women's Hockey Teams also supported the cause by holding a #WhiteCard.

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