Former hockey players present contrasting views over Graham Reid's resignation

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Former India hockey captain Ajit Pal Singh feels that Graham Reid's resignation is a welcome change for the team after they bowed out in the World Cup without even reaching the quarters. Reid's resignation came a day after Germany won the competition and India finished a lowly ninth.

"Graham Reid's resignation is his personal decision but at the end of the day somebody has to take the blame for this awful show," Ajit Pal told PTI. "Being Olympic bronze medallist, there were high expectations from India in this World Cup but we were just below par in all departments. We finished a lowly ninth and I don't think we could have fallen any further. It is the worst performance from the team.

"Change is always for good and I feel Reid's resignation will be good for the Indian team. I feel we now want a person with new ideas, who can gel the team together once again."

The only skipper to have won the World Cup for India, Singh wasn't particularly happy with the way selectors went about their business. "The selectors also should take some blame because the boys looked tired and fatigued in the World Cup. I feel there was no need to change the crux of the Olympic winning team."

On the other hand, another former skipper Sardar Singh is of the opinion that Reid should not have left right now. "Definitely Reid's resignation didn't come at the right time because we have the Asian Games this year and then Olympics next year. It now remains to be seen what Hockey India does. I hope Hockey India has a better person in their mind to replace him and take the team to the next level," he said.

"I don't know what's in Hockey India's mind, they might have had something in their minds before accepting Reid's resignation. "A coach is as good as players. The coach can only train you and make strategies but it is the players' responsibility to perform on the turf," Sardar said.

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