Ashwin Datta wins LGB Formula 4 category at FMSCI National Racing Championship

Ashwin Datta wins LGB Formula 4 category at FMSCI National Racing Championship

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At the 25th JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship's final round, Ashwin Datta of Dark Don Racing applied the gas on the final lap to win the race and claim the title of LGB Formula 4 champion. Ashwin dominated both races at the Kari Motor Speedway on Sunday, making it his day.

As the silver anniversary edition of the JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship drew to a close, he demonstrated that despite his expertise, his passion was still present.

Said an elated Ashwin, “This is probably the closest championship JK (Tyre) has ever seen in 25 years. Going into the final race, only one point had separated the top two. I was leading comfortably and then the safety car came in. It slashed my lead and Arya (Singh) overtook. I did not give up, put my head down and gave my best. I would never forget this moment and this day in my entire life. I’m grateful to my whole team at Dark Don Racing for their consistent support throughout."

The Formula LGB 4 vehicle is a monster that can travel more than 150 kmph down a straightaway. The last race and its final few circuits saw high-intensity action as Ashwin, Saran Vikram Tmars, and Arya Singh, all from Chennai, competed in a thrilling pursuit over the 2.3 kilometre course. The drivers were able to push their vehicles hard while the crowd clapped for them because the weather was favourable. Sunday was exhilarating for many who followed the races live on social media as well. With a time of 27:46.956, Ashwin won the most recent race.

In the JK Tyre Novice Cup division, everything came down to the last race, when Kyle Kumaran showed off his skill behind the wheel. He came in second place against MSport's Dhruvh Goswami, but he still won the title. Dhruvh finished the 10-lap contest in a tight race in 15:47.703. Kyle was slightly late, clocking in at 15:52.395. Vinith Kumar finished the competition in second place.

Because of the rush of excitement, observers and supporters were thoroughly entertained. Kyle, who won two races on Saturday, shown speed and dependability, used strategy on Sunday. He understood that finishing the marathon was more crucial than acting carelessly.

He knew he had already won the title when he finished second since he had a total of 66 points. This was a significant day for the Chennai-based adolescent who transitioned from karting to formula car racing. Vinith had a total of 60 points.

“It was overall a great season with DTS Racing, with Vinith finishing second as well. It’s very difficult to win the championship having missed one round. In the end, it’s turned out to be a pretty great season and a great weekend for me," said Kyle.

Kyle has always been reliable in karting as a juvenile, but the exposure he gained through taking part in events in Dubai has strengthened him even more. He has a disciplined approach to racing, and he had his sights set on winning the title.

Due to their victories in the first two positions and constructors championship, the DTS Racing Team has earned the hearts of the audience. The 25th JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship racing season, which took place in 2022, ran well.

Sudheer Sudhakar of Delhi won the 10 lap JK Tyre presents Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup with a time of 14:00.738. Anish D. Shetty, a Bengaluru native, finished in second, with Allwin Xavier taking third.

Abhishek V and Amarnath Menon won the JK Tyre Endurance League Cup powered by United CRA. Johann Reeves and Jeoffrey Reviven came in second. Alwin Sundar and Jayanth Prathipati won third place. It took an hour to complete the cycling endurance test.

This year, unlike prior years when Covid 19 played a significant role, organisers were able to perform the events without interference, and fans physically attended the Kari Motor Speedway.

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