Gagan Narang's Project Leap initiative to mentor 135 young shooters

Gagan Narang's Project Leap initiative to mentor 135 young shooters

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Gagan Narang has set his ambitious ‘Project Leap’ in motion to hand-pick 10 best shooters, who would be skilled enough to earn medals for India at the 2024 Olympics. As the second year of the Project is underway, 130 shooters have been selected for the trial out of 176 shooters who applied.

Ace rifleman Gagan Narang started ‘Project Leap’ with a vision of producing 10 shooters, who would be dexterous enough to bring medals home in the 2024 Olympics. Narang would be mentoring 135 young shooters for advanced training. The Gagan Narang Sports Promotion Foundation (GNSPF) – backed Project Leap is training shooters who perform to the likes of the international arena.

The Project has called out to all talented shooters across the country to take part in its annual trial and it would be the first time the trial has been made open to all shooters in the under-21 age category. Out of the 176 shooters who had applied, 130 have been selected to take part in the trial which is currently taking place at the state-of-the-art ‘Gun for Glory’ shooting academy. The final selected shooters would train under Slovakian rifle coach Anton Belak and South Korean pistol coach Kim Seonia.

"We initiated Project Leap with an ambitious goal of finding India its 10 best shooters as part of Vision 2024," Narang said."We knew the potential of the project but had to start modest and hence restricted it for Gun for Glory shooters in year one; the results have been phenomenal. Backed with the success of last year we have rolled out the project for all youth and junior shooters with the hope of unearthing more talent who have been untapped so far," the London Olympic bronze medalist added.

Project Leap was initiated last year and has already produced shooters like Elavenil Valarivan, who won gold and registered a new qualification world record at the recently concluded ISSF Junior World Cup. The shooters, who were a part of GNSPF’s most ambitious project yet, have also helped the Indian junior team win eight international medals and 19 national medals. Four of the shooters represented India at various international tournaments in the last one year.

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