Gagan Narang Foundation signs MOU with Odisha Govt. to set up India’s largest shooting range

Gagan Narang Foundation signs MOU with Odisha Govt. to set up India’s largest shooting range

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Gagan Narang Sports Promotion Foundation has signed a MoU with the Odisha Government to install a High-Performance Shooting Centre (HPC) in the city. The center, which would capacitate 400 shooters, will be responsible for training them while the government will be providing the land for it.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between GNSPF with the Odisha government and Aditya Birla Group was signed during a function organized by the government in the state capital and the operation would be starting from early 2020. The HPC, which is named Birla Gagan Narang Odisha High-Performance Shooting Centre, would be India’s largest shooting rage so far, with 100 lanes of 10m shooting range apart from 80 lanes for 50m and 25m each. The largest shooting range in India, at the moment, is Delhi’s Karni Singh Shooting range, which has 10m range of 80 lanes. 

London Games bronze medallist, Gagan Narang sounded excited about his centre, which would be providing accommodation to 300 shooters and have a capacity to host 400 shooters at a time.

“The HPA will not only have more lanes, but will also have a residential complex, cafeteria and gymnasium and sports science centre all under one roof. The HPC will have all components required to make a champion with holistic development right from grassroots to elite level. I am glad to get support from the Odisha Government and the Birla group. The HPA will help India produce many more Olympic champions in the future," Narang told TOI.

"Shooting has been one of the most successful Indian sports at the Olympics and given the talent that we have in the country, we need a place for the shooters to train with highly-qualified coaches and trainers with international standard facilities. We are working towards building one in Bhubaneshwar soon," he added.

Pawan Singh, the director of Gun For Glory further assured that it would be a one of a kind with advanced equipment that the existing centres don’t have.

"The ranges will be built considering the future of the sport. For instance, all the ranges in India at the moment, have old equipment and targets. The HPC will have modern equipment and targets, and it will be able to host national and international tournaments," he said.

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