Ultimate Kho Kho | Gujarat Giants and Telugu Yoddhas register second wins

Ultimate Kho Kho | Gujarat Giants and Telugu Yoddhas register second wins

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Gujarat Giants and Telugu Yoddhas extended their winning starts in the Ultimate Kho Kho by securing contrasting victories in Pune, on Tuesday. While Gujarat was made to work hard by Odisha during a close five-point win, Telugu Yoddhas thrashed Rajasthan Warriors by 21 points comfortably.

It was the second successive victory for both sides. Odisha Juggernauts ended the first turn with a 23-4 lead. Mahesha P stood out in the first seven minutes of the game for them as he scored eight points by capturing three Gujarat Giants players including two with dives.

However, with Aniket Pote and Jaggannath Das dismissing two players each, Gujarat Giants fought back when they turned to attack and finished the first innings with a 26-25 score in their favour.

Odisha Juggernauts scored 24 points in the first seven minutes of the second half to take a 49-26 lead. It was skipper Ranjan Shetty who came to the rescue of Gujarat Giants when the scores were locked at 49-48 in the opposition’s favor with less than 90 seconds left in the game. Ranjan captured Odisha Juggernauts' defender with a sensational pole dive dismissal as Gujarat Giants completed a thrilling win with a 54-49 score.

Earlier in the first match of the day, Mohite impressed in the defense as he spent three minutes 43 seconds on the field in the first innings and then scored 10 points to guide Telugu Yoddhas to a convincing 68-47 win. Besides Mohite, Prasad Radye scored 13 points for Telugu Yoddhas in attack with two dives while Rohan Shingade also scored 10 points.

For Rajasthan Warriors, captain Majhar Jamadar struck 17 points by capturing six wickets which included six dives. Shushant Kaldhone took four wickets, scoring nine points. Rajasthan Warriors won the toss and chose to defend. Telugu Yoddhas started off with the powerplay by activating two wazirs—Sachin Bhargo and Pratik Waikar.

Rajasthan’s Akshay Ganpule and Govind Yadav tested the defence of Telugu Yoddhas and also earned two defence bonus points for the side. However, Arun Gunki captured Govind with a brilliant pole dive to dismiss the first opposition batch in two minutes and 36 seconds as Yoddhas continued aggression to end the first turn with a 24-2 lead.

Rajasthan Warriors responded well in the attack but Mohite remained not out, spending more than three minutes on the mat to ensure Telugu Yoddhas complete the first innings with a 30-20 lead. Telugu Yoddhas didn’t let the momentum slip and extended their lead by scoring an impressive 36 points in the first seven minutes of the second innings while attacking.

They further maintained their dominance in the final turn as well to seal the match quite comfortably.

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