I think Nick Kyrgios is one of the best talents to step on a tennis court, says Andre Agassi

I think Nick Kyrgios is one of the best talents to step on a tennis court, says Andre Agassi

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Tennis legend Andre Agassi has claimed that young Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios is one of the top young players to have stepped onto the court in the last decade. Kyrgios has struggled with some elbow soreness since April and will make his return at the Stuttgart Open in the next few weeks.

23-year old Nick Kyrgios has often been in the headlines for all wrong reasons ever since he made his debut on the professional stage at the 2012 Australian Open. To top that, Kyrgios has also had his fair share of troubles as far as injuries were concerned. But former world number one, Andre Agassi has claimed that the short-tempered Australian youngster has what it takes to beat the best on the big stage. Agassi regarded Kyrgios as one the finest talents to reach the ATP court.

“I think he’s one of the best talents to step on a tennis court. I think what he does with it (talent) is a function of investing in his body and getting that right because he’s too young to be worried about this (injuries).

“Making sure he does that going forward is important because there’s a lot of wear and tear over the years. And then hopefully find someone (a coach) who can give him some great guidance on how to fulfill that talent, somebody to work with, you know, is also important,” Agassi said at the Longines Future Tennis Aces event.

Kyrgios has a special record which is that he managed to beat the revered big three - Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in his first matches with the trio itself. Agassi has advised Kyrgios to focus on his well-being at this moment in his career to prevent injuries in the future.

There’s too many things that make up who a player is but, man, if you put the way I think on a tennis court into Nick’s ability, I feel like you could have four game plans. And that speaks volumes to what his skill level is.I think you have to start with health, right?

“I don’t know the status of his body. He’s a big guy, big game and if something hurts, it can hurt pretty good. I don’t know what’s going on with his elbow, but if he’s healthy I give him a chance on every surface,” Agassi added.

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