Swapna Barman to get customised Adidas shoes for her 12-toed feet

Swapna Barman to get customised Adidas shoes for her 12-toed feet

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Asian Games gold medalist, Swapna Barman will be getting especially-designed footwear from Adidas for her 12-toed feet, as soon as SAI ties up with the sporting giants. Swapna’s issue came into focus only after she went on to win a gold medal in heptathlon at the Asian Games in Jakarta last month.

SAI Director General Neelam Kapur has mentioned that the moment they became aware of the fact, they took up the issue with Adidas, who have consented to provide Swapna with her customized shoes.

"After coming to know about Swapna's case, the Sports Minister immediately directed us from Jakarta to get customised shoes made for her. We have taken up the matter with Adidas and they have agreed to provide the footwear," SAI Director General Neelam Kapur said.

As Swapna clinched the gold medal at the quadrennial event, she had made an appeal for customized shoes, after bearing the pain of having six toes in both her feet for years. Following that Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore had asked SAI to look into the matter, without any fail. SAI has already contacted Swapna's coach Subhas Sarkar in order to get specific information regarding her size, pressure points and drawings for the customized spikes.

“Yes, I got a communication from SAI, Delhi asking for specification to prepare Swapna's customised shoes. I am yet to meet Swapna as she is injured but I will provide the details soon once I meet her," Sarkar said from Kolkata.

However, Sarkar has further mentioned that he had informed the SAI officials regarding Swapna's condition before the Asian Games as well, but the concern for her flight was picked, only after she bagged a gold medal in the event.

“Once I informally told a SAI official about the shoe issue but I never took up the matter seriously. Actually, I didn't want her to alter things just before the Asian Games as she got adjusted to the regular shoes and was doing fine. Trying a new shoe just before the Games could have been adverse," he said.

“And she hadn't gained fame at that time. Now after winning the gold, she has become a celebrity and every company is trying to get mileage out of her,” Sarkar added.

Since 2012, Swapna had been training at the Centre of Excellence in Kolkata. She was included in the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS), launched by the Government in September, 2017.

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