ICC World T20 | Twitter reacts as Basil Hameed produces early ‘catch of the tournament’ contender with superman-like effort

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Fielding is a crucial aspect of cricket and some breathtaking catches from fielders often remind fans of superheroes from comic books. Basil Hameed added to the list of some glorious catches in cricketing history, flying to his left to take a superman-like stunner against Sri Lanka.

After posting a total of 152/8 against UAE, Sri Lanka have retaliated in the best possible manner demolishing the opposition’s top order inside the first six overs. Karthik Meiyappan galloped the limelight in the first innings with a hat trick but the team also made headlines with a stunning fielding effort. Pathum Nissanka stood tall for Sri Lanka throughout the course of the innings and was supposed to go gung-ho but a spectacular catch evaded him from doing so. 

Zahoor Khan was bowling the last over of the innings and Nissanka was facing the penultimate delivery after scoring a half-century. The delivery was bowled into the slot and the batter tried to clear mid-off, hoping it would sail past over the fielder placed at the edge of the 30-yard circle. However, he lacked the elevation required for the shot and it created a half-chance for Basil Hameed.

The ball was travelling at the rate of knots but Hameed made a run to create an opportunity. The fielder dived to his left, defying gravity and pouncing at the ball mid-air. His take was reminiscent of the heroics of fictional characters from comic books. The internet erupted in joy and shared their excitement regarding the brilliant catch, comparing it to superman’s adventures. 

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