ICC World T20 | Twitter reacts as third umpire turns blind despite of technological aid

ICC World T20 | Twitter reacts as third umpire turns blind despite of technological aid

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Netherlands were on top against Namibia as they had restricted opposition to 81/4 in 15 overs



Umpires are equipped with some of the best tools like snickometer and the ball-tracking technology to assess a dismissal but they do commit errors despite that. One such instance was witnessed in a World Cup game between Netherlands and Namibia as the third umpire missed to spot an inside edge.

After making waves in the ongoing T20 World Cup 2022 by thumping Sri Lanka in their first game, Namibia have faltered in the powerplay against Netherlands. They were poised at 33/3 by the end of six overs and the opposition were on top in the initial phase. Netherland’s bowlers did a commendable job wrapping up the top order early in the innings but the third umpire made headlines with his blunder despite having assistance from technology. 

Paul van Meekeren came to bowl the sixth over for the Netherlands and he had already dismissed Jan Nicol Loftie-Eaton with a delivery going away. However, the bowler had preserved his best for the last ball. Meekeren bowled a fiery full-length delivery to Stephan Baard and the batter tried to dig it out. It looked like the ball had hit the pads directly without troubling the willow and the umpire raised his finger straightaway. 

However, the decision was reviewed by the batter which led to some confusion on the ground. As the decision went upstairs, the third umpire first checked the inside edge with snicko and it showed a clear spike as the ball passed the bat. The umpire, however, made a massive error failing to spot it despite the Snicko showing conclusive proof. He then opted for ball tracking and seemed to have made his mind to rule the decision in the favor of the fielding team.

Nevertheless, he checked for the inside edge of the bat once again and as snicko showed a spike as the ball crossed the willow, he eventually corrected his mistake admitting to have missed the deflection earlier. Twitter took note of the incident and expressed their reaction to the umpiring error that would have put Namibia in deep trouble.

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