Umpires' verdicts should come instantly if players are out by rule, opines R Ashwin

Umpires' verdicts should come instantly if players are out by rule, opines R Ashwin

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R Ashwin’s stand has always been clear in non-striker end’s run-outs.



R Ashwin’s stand has always been clear in non-striker end’s run-outs and he kept advocating for it by saying umpires should raise fingers immediately if one does that on the field. Ashwin’s remark came after Rohit Sharma’s appeal withdrawal when Mohammed Shami attempted to run Dasun Shanaka out.

The first ODI between India and Sri Lanka saw a dramatic incident during the fag end of the contest when Mohammed Shami while bowling the final over of the innings ran Sri Lankan captain Dasun Shanaka out at the non-striker's end on 98. They were about to appeal, but Rohit Sharma decided not to send Shanaka back to the pavilion. So the Indian skipper withdrew the appeal, and the debate on whether players should be allowed to run out at the non-strikers' end sparked again.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, R Ashwin, who ran Jos Buttler out at the non-striker's end during IPL 2019, came out with his opinion on this matter. Ashwin, who has always been no-nonsense when it comes to proclaiming his stand, reminded everyone that what Shami did was ‘legitimate’ and should have been given out straightaway.

“...Of course, Shami’s run out. When Shanaka was on 98, Shami ran him out in the non-striker’s end, and he appealed too. Rohit withdrew that appeal. So many people tweeted about that immediately. I am going to keep repeating only one thing, guys. The game situation is immaterial. That is a legitimate form of dismissal,” Ashwin said on his YouTube channel.

"And if you ask an lbw appeal or a caught-behind appeal, nobody will check with the captain on whether they are sure with the appeal like a Sarath Kumar or an Amitabh Bachchan in Kaun Banega Crorepati. They will give him out if the bowler appeals and that is the end of it. See, even if one fielder appeals, it is the duty of the umpire to declare a player out if he is out.”

Further, Ashwin gave an interesting example to justify his point, highlighting that the batters are not asked to continue their innings when the opposition do not know whether he or she had nicked behind the keeper until they began to walk off the field. Ashwin stated if that can happen, why do umpires wait for bowlers’ appeals before sending the decision upstairs?

I find it very surprising to have so many taboos surrounding this mode of dismissal. But the entire dismissal is regarding what the bowler does, right? The right of making that dismissal or making that appeal or making that decision lies with the bowler, right?” added the Indian talismanic off-spinner.

"In so many games, a batter has nicked and walked without waiting for the umpire’s decision. At that time, the batting team captain won’t come and ask, “With whose permission did you walk like that? Did you forget the team’s cause? Go back and continue playing.”

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