PKL | Twitter stunned after U mumba's Mohit and Rahul Sethpal pull off a stunning tackle on Puneri Paltan's Mohit Goyat

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How often does it happen in kabaddi, that just two men on the mat tackle an incoming raider? If that is rare, just imagine an all-rounder and a defender, who is in his first season, pulling off such a point. Such an incident occurred during the match between Puneri Paltan and U Mumba.

It all happened when Pune was leading 18-16 in the match, and their raider Goyat went in for a do-or-die raid. The latter tried to push one of the two players from Mumba, Rahul Sethpal, out of the mat, but he somehow stayed in control and did not cross over to the gallery. On the other hand, Mohit, the other Mumba player on the mat, came to the right of Goyat and went in for a double ankle hold. 

Once the move was complete, Sethpal too pounced on the raider, to support his young defender. What was special about the entire tackle was, Mumba was close to conceding the point twice in the entire move but just did not give up. Towards the end of the raid too, Goyat was just inches away from the baulk line, but the duo did not loosen their grip on the raider.

Tackle of season!

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