Sanket Sargar to stay back in UK for UCL tear treatment after Commonwealth Games 2022

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Weightlifter Sanket Mahadev Sargar, who won silver in the 55 kg category and became India's first medalist at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games, will remain in the UK for treatment of his UCL injury. It takes at least three months for an Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) tear to mend.

Sargar had bandaged his right arm when he arrived at the medal ceremony. "There were two options with Sanket. To take him back to India or treat him here. After an initial assessment, we thought it is best we treat him in the UK itself. We are chatting with elbow injury experts and the government has okayed his treatment," a team source told PTI.

The 21-year-old from Maharashtra secured the silver medal after lifting a total of 248kg (113 snatch, 135 clean & jerk). In the snatch, Sanket completed three clean attempts, lifting 107, 111, and 113 kg each time. He competed head-to-head with Malaysia's eventual gold medalist Aniq Kasdan, who likewise lifted 107 kg on his first try but was unable to do it cleanly on his subsequent two attempts. Sanket then raised the mark by squatting 248 kg in total.

His second effort, however, ended in a terrible elbow injury. Sanket, in an amazing move, went back for a third try, but that just made his injury worse and he was unable to finish the lift. Weightlifting has contributed to India's success in this competition, including the gold medals won by Mirabai Chanu, Jeremy Lallrinnunga, and Achinta Shueli.

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