Delhi High Court lashes out at CBI for media leaks and delay in Narsingh Yadav doping enquiry

Delhi High Court lashes out at CBI for media leaks and delay in Narsingh Yadav doping enquiry

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The Delhi High Court slammed the Central Bureau of Investigation for leaking out information from Narsingh Yadav probe and ruining the national wrestler’s reputation on the international circuit. The court has asked that CBI Joint Director to look into the issue and sort it out in the coming days.

The Delhi High Court has hit out at the Central Bureau of Investigation for media leaks that originated from the Narsingh Yadav probe which also ruined the wrestler’s reputation after he was banned for four years on charges of doping. The Apex Delhi Court added that due to the leaking content of the status report on the probe into Yadav’s complaint, which insinuated that his food was spiked which led to a ban, has damaged his career beyond repair.

The CBI counsel stated that the report was filed in the court on January 31 in a sealed cover and had the stamp of registry.

“The matter is under investigation, it is deemed to be privileged information, yet it finds its way into public domain and is published much to the prejudice and anguish of the petitioner (Yadav).

“Without commenting on the freedom of press and investigative journalism, the court is concerned on the conduct of the investigating agency and its inability to keep the information secured,” the court said.

Meanwhile, CBI counsel Ripu Daman Bhardwaj defended the investigative body as he argued that he was not aware as to how the information made its way to the media.

“You cannot leak selectively. It is a serious matter. Enough is enough. Do you realise what has been done to his repute. You cannot malign him like this. For a sportsperson, fairness and integrity is everything, besides his skills. The matter is still under investigation,” the judge said.

In addition to that, the Delhi HC also questioned CBI’s delay in the Yadav probe and asked the CBI to file a report on the status of the case. The Court pointed out that Yadav has been banned from wrestling till March 2020 and said, “It is appropriate that the investigation be completed at the earliest.”

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