'WFI president would leave his door open, every girl was made uncomfortable', says wrestler Anshu Malik

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The mess between WFI and the wrestlers seems to be getting dirtier by the day, as now young pugilist Anshu Malik has come out in the open and put fresh allegations against Brij Bhushan Singh. This all, after a group of wrestlers including Sakshi Malik and Bajrang, decided to protest in New Delhi.

Anshu, an Asian Championship gold medallist, and Worlds silver medallist, told The Hindu, “WFI president stayed on the same floor and across the room from the junior girls at the Junior World Championships. He would leave his door open. Every girl was made uncomfortable."

“We want the federation removed (from WFI),” Anshu added. The 21-year-old was speaking at the protest organised by a group of wrestlers at Jantar Mantar. Other prominent wrestlers at the protest were Sarita Mor and junior world champion Sonam Malik among others.

One of the other reasons cited for the protest is the dictatorial attitude of the WFI president. Issues like the inability to get private sponsors, unqualified coaching, bad scheduling, and poor management were also raised.

The entire country was taken by storm when on 18th January, Vinesh Phogat allegedly levelled sexual charges on the WFI President. 

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