Lakshya Sen gets relief in age fraud case

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Regarding the age fraud FIR filed against the badminton player, Lakshya Sen and his coach Vimal Kumar have obtained relief. Based on a plea they submitted, the Karnataka HC decided to halt the criminal proceedings against Lakshya and his instructor.

The accused athlete and his coach said in the petition that the lawsuit had been brought against them to make them seem bad. Due to the complainant's daughter being denied admission to Prakash Padukone's training programme two years prior, it was claimed that the accusations were made up as retaliation.

"Disgruntled and unhappy with the rejection of his daughter's bid to join the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy, the complainant has now sought to harass petitioner no. 2 (Vimal Kumar) by making him a party to the complaint," the petition said.

The Central Vigilance Commission accepted the birth papers and determined that no action was necessary against him, according to the appeal, which also claimed that the age fraud issue had been resolved in 2018.

"The allegation in the complaint that petitioners had engaged in committing age fraud as stated in the preliminary inquiry issued by the CBI is wholly false and frivolous since the complaint fails to disclose that the Central Vigilance Commission had cleared accused no. 1 (Lakshya's father) of all charges in its office memorandum dated February 6, 2018," it said.

Last Monday, Justice S. Rachaiah's vacation bench issued an interim ruling regarding the petition.

The top-ranked male shuttler in the nation, Lakshya Sen, had an FIR filed against him on December 1. An inquiry into the claim made in the complaint filed by one Nagaraja M.G. was ordered by a magistrate's court.

The FIR said that Vimal Kumar, a coach at the Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy, helped falsify the birth documents of Lakshya Sen and his brother, who is also a badminton player.             

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