Dhruv Kapila and MR Arjun out of entire Asian tour

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Owing to an injury, the young Indian men's doubles team of MR Arjun and Dhruv Kapila would miss the whole Asian badminton circuit, including the India Open Super 750 competition. During the French Open last year, Arjun tore a ligament in his ankle, and needs time to fully recover.

"We have pulled out of everything, so won't be playing India Open or any of the events in Asia. I'm still recovering from the ankle injury. It is okay now but I don't want to push myself too hard. I am doing my rehab and will start training from January 20," Arjun told PTI.

"Since it is a long year and an important one with the Olympic qualification, we thought it was the right call. We would look to play the Senior nationals in February or the European circuit, starting with All England Championships possibly." Pune will host the 84th Senior National Badminton Championships from February 22 to February 28.

Due to their victories over more favoured opponents and quarterfinal performances in significant world tour competitions, including as the BWF World Championships, Dhruv-Arjun moved from world number 42 to 19 during the course of the previous year. They also contributed to India's historic Thomas Cup victory.

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