Bundesliga SRL Round-Up | RB Leipzig win big, Paderborn get relegated and Borussia Dortmund finish second

Bundesliga SRL Round-Up | RB Leipzig win big, Paderborn get relegated and Borussia Dortmund finish second

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The final game-day of the Bundesliga SRL and it was action packed with two games on Sunday and one on Monday. However, despite all their luck both Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig had to watch as Bayern Munich hoisted another title while Paderborn fought a losing battle against relegation.

Borussia Monchengladbach 6-0 Union Berlin

A sensational rout in the end as Monchengladbach confirmed Champions League football for themselves next season with a fourth-place finish. But there is nothing like ending the season on a high and the hosts did exactly that as they pummelled Berlin into the ground. The away side had no answer to anything Gladbach threw at them as they shipped four goals and ten shots on goal in the first half. In return, Berlin only managed five shots on goal although they did put three out of those five on target.

Yet they failed to score and that trend would continue well into the second half. Gladbach would add a fifth less than fifteen minutes into the restart and that effectively shut Union Berlin up. The visitors had nothing to say in the second half as they fired just four shots on goal and put just one on target. Their hosts were not as kind, however, as they would take another thirteen shots before the full-time whistle and even added a sixth goal in the 83rd minute. Few were shocked at the end of the game statistics as Gladbach had more of everything including dangerous attacks (76-47).

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Paderborn 1-2 Borussia Dortmund

In what was a hopeless fight in the end, Paderborn ensured that their stay in the Bundesliga would last only one year as they finished in the automatic relegation spot. However, the hosts did put up an impressive fight in the first half despite Borussia Dortmund taking charge of the match from the moment go. Yet, a stern Paderborn defense meant that Dortmund had six shots on goal but they failed to score and managed to hit the target just once. But that would change as the away side scored two minutes before half-time and they hoped it would be the boost they needed.

But Paderborn took advantage of poor defending and scored in added time, less than two minutes after Dortmund took the lead, to go into the break on level terms. That late equaliser should have seen the hosts come out all guns blazing and they did. On paper, the second half was Paderborn’s with more shots on goal, more on target and even more dangerous attacks. Yet, all it took was one chance for Dortmund and they pulled ahead before resolutely defending their lead until the very last minute. The win would mean nothing, however, with Bayern Munich already confirmed as Bundesliga champions for yet another season.

FC Koln 1-6 RB Leipzig

Given that at one stage, Leipzig were in contention to be winners of the Bundesliga for the first time in their history, a third-place finish is pretty bad. But securing the third spot with seventy points and just four separating them and Bayern Munich is beyond impressive given the history of the club and that seventy point mark means that it is the most number of points they’ve ever achieved in their Bundesliga history. And what better way to mark it then a comprehensive win over FC Koln as three goals in the first 45 minutes proved to effectively put the game away before the break for half-time.

But the away side was far from finished as they took seven more shots on goal and scored three more times before the end of the second half. Shockingly, however, Koln managed to take thirteen shots in total (two more than Leipzig) but only put six on target which made the biggest difference in the end. The hosts did pull one goal back with about 15 minutes left on the clock, but by then, Leipzig’s lead was far too big for them to overcome.

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