LIVE - CWG 2022 | Lakshya Sen wins gold in men's singles

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On the final day of the 2022 Commonwealth Games, India's star shuttlers, PV Sindhu, Lakshya Sen, and the men's doubles team of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy/Chirag Shetty will look to add three gold medals. Prior to this, Kidambi Srikanth and the team of Treesa Jolly/Gayatri Gopichand won bronze medals.

LAKSHYA (IND) 21 NG 16 (MAS) (2-1)


He has won the gold for India.

140 mins of intense badminton.

LAKSHYA (IND) 19 NG 15 (MAS) (1-1)

The celebrations have already begun here.

LAKSHYA (IND) 18 NG 14 (MAS) (1-1)

Extraordinary rally between these two as NG gets the point.

LAKSHYA (IND) 17 NG 13 (MAS) (1-1)

Four points away from the gold medal now.

LAKSHYA (IND) 16 NG 12 (MAS) (1-1)

Sen has had enough now. Just five points away now.

LAKSHYA (IND) 15 NG 11 (MAS) (1-1)

Two points on the trot for Malaysian now. Can he turn things around?

LAKSHYA (IND) 15 NG 9 (MAS) (1-1)

And it looks out of the grasp of the Malaysian now.

LAKSHYA (IND) 13 NG 9 (MAS) (1-1)

Sen has made up his mind, and he can see gold now.

LAKSHYA (IND) 12 NG 8 (MAS) (1-1)

NG not able to control his shots at the moment.

LAKSHYA (IND) 11 NG 7 (MAS) (1-1)

So a four-point lead for the Indian at mid-game interval.

LAKSHYA (IND) 9 NG 7 (MAS) (1-1)

NG pulls two points back, a lapse in concentration by the Indian.

LAKSHYA (IND) 9 NG 5 (MAS) (1-1)

Sen's game is flowing well now and it's showing in the score too.

LAKSHYA (IND) 8 NG 4 (MAS) (1-1)

THe lead is growing for Sen now which is great.

LAKSHYA (IND) 6 NG 3 (MAS) (1-1)

Make that three now. Sen is growing in confidence with each shot.

LAKSHYA (IND) 5 NG 3 (MAS) (1-1)

Crucial two-point lead for Sen now.

LAKSHYA (IND) 4 NG 3 (MAS) (1-1)

Sen comes up with a great shot at the net.

LAKSHYA (IND) 2 NG 2 (MAS) (1-1)

Sen should not let this momentum slip away.

LAKSHYA (IND) 21 NG 9 (MAS) (1-1)

A brilliant comeback by the Indian in the match now as he wins 16 straight points.

LAKSHYA (IND) 20 NG 9 (MAS) (0-1)

The Malaysian is just conserving energy now.

LAKSHYA (IND) 17 NG 9 (MAS) (0-1)

Now NG is just letting Sen close the game.

LAKSHYA (IND) 15 NG 9 (MAS) (0-1)

Is the Malaysian starting to tire a bit, as Sen wins another point.

LAKSHYA (IND) 13 NG 9 (MAS) (0-1)

The momentum seems to have shifted now and Sen is increasing his lead.

LAKSHYA (IND) 11 NG 9 (MAS) (0-1)

A two-point advantage for Sen going into the mid-game interval.

LAKSHYA (IND) 10 NG 8 (MAS) (0-1)

And Lakshya has a very crucial lead here. He must hang on.

LAKSHYA (IND) 8 NG 8 (MAS) (0-1)

Scores are level again. Sen needs to be consistent from now on.

LAKSHYA (IND) 6 NG 8 (MAS) (0-1)

Sen should not give him space to play smashes. 

LAKSHYA (IND) 6 NG 6 (MAS) (0-1)

And after a long while, the scores are level. RELIEF FOR SEN.

LAKSHYA (IND) 4 NG 6 (MAS) (0-1)

NG is starting to take a lead now. INdian can't take it easy.

LAKSHYA (IND) 4 NG 5 (MAS) (0-1)

This is a taxing game on both the players.

LAKSHYA (IND) 3 NG 3 (MAS) (0-1)

NG looks like a superb player, and isn't giving much room to Sen to play attacking game.

LAKSHYA (IND) 2 NG 1 (MAS) (0-1)

An unforced error from NG and Sen has a point.

LAKSHYA (IND) 1 NG 1 (MAS) (0-1)

Sen needs to be much more attacking from what he was in the first.

LAKSHYA (IND) 19 NG 21 (MAS) (0-1)

Poor judgement by the Indian costs him the first game.

LAKSHYA (IND) 19 NG 20 (MAS) (0-0)

This is getting so close. But Sen has the momentum.

LAKSHYA (IND) 19 NG 18 (MAS) (0-0)

What a defensive shot by Sen, and it gets him a point.

LAKSHYA (IND) 18 NG 18 (MAS) (0-0)

This is an excellent comeback by Sen as he gets three back-to-back point.

LAKSHYA (IND) 15 NG 18 (MAS) (0-0)

A nervous error from the Indian and he is losing grip on the first game.

LAKSHYA (IND) 15 NG 17 (MAS) (0-0)

Both these men are having a gruelling match. SEN gets one more.

LAKSHYA (IND) 13 NG 16 (MAS) (0-0)

Lakshya looks like, is trying a lot. He needs to stay calm.

LAKSHYA (IND) 13 NG 15 (MAS) (0-0)

A service error by NG brings a point to Lakshya.

LAKSHYA (IND) 12 NG 14 (MAS) (0-0)

Excellent shot at the net by the Indian.

LAKSHYA (IND) 11 NG 13 (MAS) (0-0)

NG has a two-point lead once more. The Indian needs to cut down on the errors.

LAKSHYA (IND) 11 NG 12 (MAS) (0-0)

Two beautiful shots by Sen down the line.

LAKSHYA (IND) 10 NG 12 (MAS) (0-0)

Sen finally manages to pull one back. The Malaysian is growing in confidence though.

LAKSHYA (IND) 9 NG 12 (MAS) (0-0)

The Malaysian has started to surge ahead.

LAKSHYA (IND) 9 NG 11 (MAS) (0-0)

And at mid-game interval the Malaysian has a two-point lead.

LAKSHYA (IND) 9 NG 9 (MAS) (0-0)

An unforced error by the Malaysian means that the scores are now level.

LAKSHYA (IND) 7 NG 9 (MAS) (0-0)

The Malaysian has four straight points now, and Lakshya does not look very confident at the moment.

LAKSHYA (IND) 7 NG 8 (MAS) (0-0)

The Malaysian is in the lead now. 

LAKSHYA (IND) 7 NG 7 (MAS) (0-0)

NG is looking dangerous here, and Sen is finding it difficult to manage the speed of his shots.

LAKSHYA (IND) 7 NG 5 (MAS) (0-0)

This guy has a lethal smash, but Sen managing well.

LAKSHYA (IND) 6 NG 3 (MAS) (0-0)

Good judgment by the Indian as the shuttle goes long.

LAKSHYA (IND) 5 NG 3 (MAS) (0-0)

A great shot at the net by the Malaysian, as he gets a point.

LAKSHYA (IND) 5 NG 2 (MAS) (0-0)

A slight lead for Sen now. Keep going.

LAKSHYA (IND) 4 NG 2 (MAS) (0-0)

Sen should not take him lightly at all. 

LAKSHYA (IND) 2 NG 2 (MAS) (0-0)

The Malaysian has been a revelation this tournament and hasn't lost even a single match.

On to the second final of the day, which is the men's singles match between India's Lakshya Sen and Malaysia's Tze Yog NG.


SINDHU (IND) 21 LI 13 (CAN) (2-0)




SINDHU (IND) 19 LI 13 (CAN) (1-0)

Just two points away from her maiden CWG gold. 

SINDHU (IND) 18 LI 13 (CAN) (1-0)

The drift comes into play as she hits long. 

SINDHU (IND) 16 LI 12 (CAN) (1-0)

A perfect drop shot by Sindhu and Li lying flat on the court.

SINDHU (IND) 14 LI 11 (CAN) (1-0)

Li closing the gap on Sindhu but the Indian still on top.

SINDHU (IND) 13 LI 9 (CAN) (1-0)

What a taxing rally by these two players here. Li wins it in the end, but excellent play.

SINDHU (IND) 13 LI 8 (CAN) (1-0)

Excellent defensive skills by Sindhu as Li makes an error. 

SINDHU (IND) 12 LI 8 (CAN) (1-0)

Two unforced errors by the Indian now.

SINDHU (IND) 12 LI 6 (CAN) (1-0)

The countdown to gold has begun for the Indian. 

SINDHU (IND) 11 LI 6 (CAN) (1-0)

And at the mid-game interval, she has a five-point lead.

SINDHU (IND) 10 LI 5 (CAN) (1-0)

Li pulling a few points back, but no threat to the Indian.

SINDHU (IND) 9 LI 3 (CAN) (1-0)

It is starting to look that Li has given up.

SINDHU (IND) 8 LI 3 (CAN) (1-0)

Li is getting under pressure here. 

SINDHU (IND) 7 LI 3 (CAN) (1-0)

Her smashes are getting fiercer now. SINDHU LEADS

SINDHU (IND) 4 LI 3 (CAN) (1-0)

Sindhu cannot be complacent, and can't give easy points.

SINDHU (IND) 4 LI 2 (CAN) (1-0)

A powerful smash down the line and Sindhu has another one.

SINDHU (IND) 2 LI 1 (CAN) (1-0)

Another unforced error by Li and SIndhu is in command.

SINDHU (IND) 1 LI 1 (CAN) (1-0)

Li commits a similar error in the next point.

SINDHU (IND) 0 LI 1 (CAN) (1-0)

An unforced error to start with in the second game for Sindhu.

SINDHU (IND) 21 LI 15 (CAN) (1-0)

After a delayed start to the match, SIndhu wants to finish this match early. SHe ends the first game for now.

SINDHU (IND) 19 LI 15 (CAN) (0-0)

A deft touch at the net to get another point, SIndhu on top.

SINDHU (IND) 18 LI 14 (CAN) (0-0)

A cheeky shot by the Indian, as she is close to winning the first game.

SINDHU (IND) 17 LI 14 (CAN) (0-0)

Li on the attack as well, as she wins two back-to-back points.

SINDHU (IND) 17 LI 12 (CAN) (0-0)

A crisp smash by Sindhu wins her another point.

SINDHU (IND) 16 LI 12 (CAN) (0-0)

Sindhu not going all out, because she is nursing an ankle issue.

SINDHU (IND) 16 LI 9 (CAN) (0-0)

The Indian is managing to induce a few unforced errors by her opponent.

SINDHU (IND) 15 LI 9 (CAN) (0-0)

Li almost came up with a sensational winner at the net, but Sindhu still gets the point.

SINDHU (IND) 14 LI 9 (CAN) (0-0)

A forehand cross-court winner for Li, and she should get some confidence.

SINDHU (IND) 14 LI 8 (CAN) (0-0)

The lead is swelling for Sindhu and it is getting one-sided now.

SINDHU (IND) 11 LI 8 (CAN) (0-0)

A three-point lead for the Indian at the mid-game interval.

SINDHU (IND) 9 LI 8 (CAN) (0-0)

A mishit by Sindhu and Li pulls one point back.

SINDHU (IND) 9 LI 7 (CAN) (0-0)

A slight lead for the Indian as she ups the ante.

SINDHU (IND) 6 LI 6 (CAN) (0-0)

NOthing much to separate between the two. Sindhu needs to stay calm.

SINDHU (IND) 4 LI 5 (CAN) (0-0)

Li has a lead now. Quicker rallies will be the way to for the Indian.

SINDHU (IND) 4 LI 4 (CAN) (0-0)

Li is responding shot-by-shot, scores are level now.

SINDHU (IND) 4 LI 3 (CAN) (0-0)

With attacking shots right at the start, SIndhu making her intentions clear.

SINDHU (IND) 3 LI 2 (CAN) (0-0)

FIrst unforced error of the match by the Indian.

SINDHU (IND) 3 LI 1 (CAN) (0-0)

Sindhu starting to take a bit of lead, but still early days here.

SINDHU (IND) 2 LI 1 (CAN) (0-0)

Sindhu gets two back-to-back points and does well even with strapped ankle.

SINDHU (IND) 0 LI 1 (CAN) (0-0)

A long rally to start with, and Li has the first point of the match.


So it's time now for the big one. And this should be a fairly straightforward match for the Indian.

LATEST UPDATE - In a bid to get her first gold medal at the CWG, PV Sindhu will play her final against Canada's Michelle Li at 1.20pm IST. STAY TUNED, as Lakshya Sen and the team of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy/Chirag Shetty are in the finals too. 


World championships silver medallist India's Kidambi Srikanth clinched bronze medal in the men's singles on the penultimate day of Commonwealth Games Badminton action here on Sunday. The Indian pair of Treesa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand clinched a bronze medal in the badminton women's singles after defeating Australia's Chen Hsuan-Yu Wendy and Gronya Somerville 21-15, 21-19 in straight games.

This is Srikanth's second singles medal at the Games as he won the silver in 2018 Gold Coast, and fourth overall. Additionally, this is the Indian's second medal at the ongoing Games; he had won a silver medal in the mixed team event as well. The 29-year-old defeated Singapore's Jason Teh with a 21-15, 21-18 win to record his second medal of the Games, following Tuesday's mixed team silver - and fourth Commonwealth medal in total - on Sunday evening.

Treesa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand made it two third-place finishes for India with a 2-0 victory over Australia's Chen Hsuan-yu and Gronya Somerville in the women's doubles. The pair of Treesa and Gopichand cruised to a 21-15 win in the first game and had an emphatic start to the second, racing away to a 11-5 lead at the break. Singapore's Yeo Jia Min added women's singles bronze to the mixed team bronze she won on Tuesday after a 2-0 victory over Kirsty Gilmour of Scotland.



1:20 pm - Women’s singles gold medal match: PV Sindhu

2:10 pm - Men’s singles gold medal match: Lakshya Sen

3:00 pm - Men’s doubles gold medal match: Satwik Sairaj Rankireddy/Chirag Shetty


5:00 pm - Men’s Gold Medal Match: India vs Australia


3:35 pm - Men’s Singles Bronze Medal Match: G Sathiyan

4:25 pm - Men’s Singles Gold Medal Match: Achanta Sharath Kamal

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