No Mercedes for Nikhat Zareen, reveals plans to spend prize money

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Nikhat Zareen, a recent two-time World Champion, has changed her mind about using the prize money to purchase a Mercedes and instead wants to use it to send her parents to complete an "Umrah."

Nikhat defeated Nguyen Thi Tam of Vietnam 5-0 to win her second world championship title. She also won a winner's check for $100,000 and a vehicle named "Thar" from sponsors Mahindra along with the title.

After winning the match, she said, "I haven't thought about it. Last time I said I will get a Mercedes but since I have got a Thar as a gift so now I'm thinking of not getting a Mercedes. I want to send my parents to Umrah because Ramazan is going on. I will talk to them about this at home."

The Muslim holy sites of Mecca and Medina are the destinations of the minor pilgrimage known as "Umrah." Nikhat, who asserts that she manifested her two world championships and Commonwealth Games gold medal, is a proponent of positive thinking.

"Everyone has a success mantra. I visualise things. I like to think positive. I have written 'champion' and drew a gold medal on a sticky note and pasted it on my bed. Every day when I wake up I see that, when I go to sleep I see that. It motivates me to do well. I did that for the last world championships, the CWG and this time too," Nikhat said.

Nikhat has so far advanced for the Asian Games, which will take place later this month and serve as an Olympic qualifying event.

"My next target is Asian Games which is a qualifier. I hope to qualify for Paris Olympics."

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