Some things are more important than cricket, reveals David Warner regarding his withdrawal of captaincy ban-reversal appeal

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David Warner has announced his decision to withdraw the review of his captaincy ban on account of the alleged improper protocol being followed. The batter in a heartfelt letter made various accusations and noted he was not ready to take his family through the ordeal, thus giving up on the dream.

David Warner has decided to put an end to the saga that has been brewing over the last year which had the potential to see him being named as Australia's new ODI captain ahead of the ODI World Cup next year in India. The star batter revealed he has withdrawn his appeal to reverse the captaincy ban put on him in 2018 despite initiating the process after Cricket Australia's amendment in their Code of Conduct.

"My family is more important to me than cricket," Warner stated at the beginning of his letter published on Instagram.

"Over the course of the past nearly five years since the events that occurred during the Third Test in Cape Town, even with all the humiliation and attacks that they have had to endure, I have enjoyed the unwavering support and love of my wife Candice and my three daughters, Ivy Mae, Indi Rae, and Isla Rose. They are my world," he added.

Warner's involvement in the ball-tampering scandal in Newlands four years ago had led to a lifetime captaincy ban with no measures in place to counter it. Nevertheless, a 9-month process following an appeal by the players' association led to modifications in November 2022 that allowed Warner to appeal the ban, with a Review Panel to judge whether the player had been sufficiently rehabilitated, with no reneging of the original offence. However, Warner has alleged the protocols were not followed as per Cricket Australia's instructions, levelling several accusations on the Counsel Assisting and the panel itself. 

"However, despite my opposition and that of Cricket Australia, on Tuesday last week Counsel Assisting the Review Panel and the Review Panel took it upon themselves to concoct an irregular procedure (overturning presumptions and previous practice) for the determination of my application and establish a novel approach that would negatively impact the health and welfare of my family and the interests of the Australian cricket team," Warner raved.

"In his submissions, Counsel Assisting made offensive and unhelpful comments about me that had absolutely no substantive purpose under the Code of Conduct. Regrettably, the Review Panel acted contrary to the submissions of Cricket Australia and my lawyer and appeared to adopt virtually entirely the position of Counsel Assisting."

The veteran has revealed the Panel recommended a public 'hearing' of the incident, which has caused Warner to walk away from the incident considering the potential harm it may bring his family.

"Regrettably, I have no practical alternative at this point ir time but to withdraw my application. I am not prepared to subject my family or my teammates to further trauma and disruption by accepting a departure from the way in which my application should be dealt with pursuant to the Code of Conduct," he explained.

"Some things are more important than cricket," he concluded.

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