WATCH | Carlos Brathwaite concedes five 'penalty' runs after hitting batsman with ball in T20 Blast

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Cricketers are often involved in bizarre incidents because of controversies created around them, or sometimes because of the laws made by MCC. One such scenario took place in T20 Blast in England, when Carlos Brathwaite gave away five 'penalty' runs after hitting Wayne Madsen with the ball.

A strange, yet as per law, the decision was made by an on-field umpire during Derbyshire's Vitality T20 Blast fixture against Birmingham on June 19.

During the 13th over of the Derbyshire's innings, Birmingham's Carlos Brathwaite stepped up to bowl. The fourth ball was on a good length, and Wayne Madsen, who was on strike pushed gently towards Brathwaite. However, after completing the follow-up, Brathwaite threw the ball towards stumps in reflex. But Madsen was in front of the wickets and the ball went on to hit him.


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Unfortunately, because of that, Brathwaite was penalised for a Level 2 offence under the MCC laws, which pertains to unfair play. Brathwaite had no clue what just happened, and he tried to convince the standing umpire. However, it did not work.

T20 Blast's official Twitter handle shared the video, captioning: "Not ideal for Carlos Brathwaite 😬 A 5-run penalty was given against the Bears after this incident..."

Here's the video shared by T20 Blast:

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