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featurecricket15 hours ago

New Zealand cricket will survive pandemic through breezy ways

Place a bunch of essentially different people together you’ll see how differently they react to dire situations, take the coronavirus-induced pandemic for example. Some have gone insane staying indoors, some are just enjoying their extended lifestyle and the rest are simply bored. 
Sritama Panda
featurecricket16 hours ago

England Cricket Board’s rescue plan for resuming cricket could doom people

While the entire world seems to be like Wagner Moura from Narcos, looking at their sad life without any sport, England have devised a plan to bring cricket back to action. Oh, the look of excitement from a rather lacklustre one just a few days ago, can cricket really really be back for real?
Aakash Sivasubramaniam
featurecricket4 days ago

Covid-19 outbreak zaps England’s red-ball ambitions back to square one

The County Championship is not really the common Englishman’s cup of tea. Go around asking people in the towns and you would realize that on a Saturday afternoon, they would much rather watch a drab League 2 encounter between Swindon Town and Cheltenham.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket5 days ago

How England Cricket warned cricket fraternity about a world threat

'When the going gets tough, the tough get going' - A popular American saying that defines England cricket best. The England and Wales Cricket Board have been royal and tough all along, building and reinventing themselves to survive and to reach the glory that has always been their quest. 
Sritama Panda
featurecricket7 days ago

No Wasim Khan, not Mohammed Hafeez’s, your statement is the problem

Pakistan’s Cricket history is a classic case of contradiction, even for their own liking. From the tale of Javed Miandad’s outrageous batting to Imran Khan’s Oxbridge leadership, it has been a glorious one for generations. But what do we all actually remember?
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket8 days ago

The Test - A deep dive into shimmering Australianism and the story of one fine resurrection

Australia’s National Trust has elected over 100 people as National Treasure and Justin Langer is not one among them. Douglas Walters, Ian Chappell, Mark Waugh and Bill Lawry are part of the prestigious list by the way, yet Langer has racked up more Test hundreds than any of them. A statement?
Bastab K Parida
featurecricket9 days ago

Sheffield Shield 2019-20 | 'Flop XI' of the tournament

‘The Shield is over and everything’s worse now’ were the words that echoed amongst the fans but that was not the case for certain players. Indeed, there were players who had stinkers and we, here at SportsCafe, have made an XI out of the players who were happy to see the tournament get scrapped.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricket11 days ago

What IPL cancellation could mean for overseas players vying for WT20 spots

With the future of IPL 2020 hanging by a meagre thread, there are anxious cricketers not only in India but all around the world, for it could determine their participation in the World T20. We, here at SportsCafe, look at what the potential cancellation of IPL could mean to these players.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricketa month ago

Revamped Josh Hazlewood one-stop solution for Australia's third seamer woes

‘What are some facts that sound fake but are actually true?’ is a popular question in r/askReddit and the thread has over 16K comments and responses. If you scroll through some of the facts there, you would be genuinely fascinated, surprised and maybe even shocked; because they are absurd.
Anirudh Suresh
featurecricketa month ago

Australia take valuable lesson from Port Elizabeth despite varying fortunes

‘In a twenty-20 game, every ball is an event,’ Mark Nicholas said on air following a pacy Mitchell Starc yorker that thudded into the pads of Quinton de Kock, who went for an unsuccessful on-side hoick. And today at St George's Park, for a long while, every ball was an event indeed.
Anirudh Suresh