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AIFF and Reliance trying to kill all football that they can’t own, says Ranjit Bajaj after deciding to shut down Minerva Punjab

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AIFF and Reliance trying to kill all football that they can’t own, says Ranjit Bajaj after deciding to shut down Minerva Punjab

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After deciding to shut down the club altogether, Minerva Punjab owner Ranjit Bajaj has accused AIFF and Reliance for their attempt to kill all football that they can’t own. Bajaj has lashed out at AIFF and Reliance on Twitter after the club failed to get permission for a home venue in AFC Cup.

The differences between the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and the former I-League champions Minerva Punjab is taking an ugly turn as Minerva has failed to get a nod to play their AFC Cup home match at Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. The sports and youth services department of the Odisha government has informed the club that the stadium, which is now hosting Super Cup, will undergo renovation after the tournament. The Punjab-based side will now have to look for an alternative venue for the AFC Cup which Bajaj has said on Twitter that it is impossible and the club will be disqualified from the tournament. He even declared on Twitter that the club is going to shut down.

“We @minervapunjabfc cannot change venue now it’s too late & will be disqualified from @AFCCup / all permissions were given well in advance - please help @Naveen_Odisha @CMO_Odisha. After being champions playing in the @AFCCup was our right @minervapunjabfc but came to know who that it’s AIFF &(FSDL)who has got our permission cancelled -ODISHA sports dept is saying talk to them-I am shattered that my own parent body is sabotaging our afc stadium,” Bajaj wrote on Twitter.

“Sadly it’s crystal clear that instead of trying to promote football in INDIA /AIFF Along with FSDL RELIANCE is trying to kill all football which they can’t own/this low blow of getting Odsiha govt to cancel the stadium booking after @AFCCup has started Is shameful. With a very heavy heart today I have decided that @minervapunjabfc will have to do what so many others have done/CHAMPIONS  of @ILeagueOfficial for 2018-19 for SENIORS/Under 13/ under 15 /under 18 - SIX TITLES(4 years) 60 plus boys to various Indian teams is going to shut.”

The Minerva Punjab side earlier had boycotted their Super Cup qualifier tie and Bajaj played a major role in forming the alliance of the I-League clubs to voice their opinion on AIFF’s “unfair treatment” against them in the recent past. 

“AIFF & FSDL RELIANCE Congratulations on a job well done - from everyone @minervapunjabfc & all clubs who have shut down because of you,” he sarcastically took a shot on the both AIFF and Reliance on his Twitter handle. 

“60 crores defamation suit / then cancelling our @AFCCup permission using the girls WC 2020 u 17 as a excuse as Kalinga might be used as a possible venue so renovation required - smells of clear utter bias and trying to suppress me for exposing FSDL RELIANCE AIFF UNHOLY NEXU.”

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