Columbia no longer co-hosts for Copa America with Argentina set to take over

Columbia no longer co-hosts for Copa America with Argentina set to take over

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The Copa America 2021 kicks off from 11th June



According to BBC, Colombia will no longer be responsible for hosting the 2021 Copa America that had been scheduled earlier on in the season. This is in light of a series of protests that have broken out in several parts of the country, rendering the atmosphere unplayable at the moment.

The political unrest has been severe in Columbia with protests ongoing in the country since April after the government tried to implement a controversial tax plan. The proposal was revoked but protestors have continued to demonstrate against police brutality, poor wages and a lack of opportunities for young people. There have been widespread protests against the government across the South American country, with demonstrators disrupting some Copa Libertadores matches.

However, it has also caused serious issues for the Copa America with the tournament set to be held between Colombia and Argentina for the first time in its 105-year history. However, the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol) had earlier rejected the proposal for a venue change back in November deeming it “ Impossible”, situations have massively changed with the CONMEBOL moving the tournament to Argentina completely.

But things have taken an even worse turn with the Argentina Football Association, the AFA, releasing a statement that has confirmed that football in the country has been suspended until 30th of May in order to help combat the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic that has hit the country. That has put a damper on Argentina potentially hosting the tournament on it's own although there have been no official statements released by CONMEBOL regarding this new development, with Columbia reportedly asking for it to be moved to November.

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