All managers have amazing tactics but top quality players make it happen, confesses Pep Guardiola

All managers have amazing tactics but top quality players make it happen, confesses Pep Guardiola

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Guardiola praises his players


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Pep Guardiola has downplayed his own role in orchestrating a potential fourth Premier League title in five years and chose to praise his players for their immense contribution to making their dreams come to fruition. City are set to face Aston Villa on Sunday and a victory will seal the title.

Manchester City are set to host Aston Villa in the final day of the 2021-22 season and look to reap their rewards by sealing a victory and claiming the Premier League title over Liverpool. The Manchester club leads the Merseyside club by just a point with one game left to play as the Reds look to entertain Wolves at home in a must-win encounter to keep their title aspirations alive.

Liverpool are potentially looking to win a historic quadruple this season as they have secured the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup while setting up a Champions League final encounter against Real Madrid on May 28th. City have endured European agony again this campaign as a shock comeback victory by Real Madrid have ended their hopes of winning their first-ever Champions League but will look to make a positive end to the season by looking to claim their fourth title in five years.

Guardiola insisted that his own contributions to the side are overvalued and highlighted the players' contributions to their success.

"Incredible, top human quality players and persons. Without that, no tactics, no ideas. Nothing, nothing, top-quality players. All the other managers have amazing ideas and tactics. Every time you give good praise to me, I do not believe you. Not for one second, I'm so suspicious. Behind that is the players, the quality, the talent, the effort. When we are good is when we try to altogether follow one idea, but my ideas are not more special than the other ones,” the 51-year-old told Sky Sports. 

"I have found a lot of incredibly talented managers in the Championship, or the Premier League who do not have success. Do you know why? They do not have the good players that we have, it is as simple as that,” he added.

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