How To remain fit and build stamina for Kabaddi

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How To remain fit and build stamina for Kabaddi

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Deepak Hooda


Playing sports is a great way for anyone to stay fit. The Pro Kabaddi league has created a huge impact on people across India and resulted in Kabaddi becoming a household name and not just a game that children used to play. It is a serious career now and offers a lot of opportunities.

Playing Kabaddi sharpens your reflexes and helps in overall development of your body. Kabaddi is a contact sport and to excel at it, players rely heavily on training to build on speed, strength, and stamina.

According to me, here are 5 essential tips to remain fit and build stamina for playing Kabaddi:

Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy and nutritious diet plays a very important role when it comes to fitness of any kind. You must develop a healthy lifestyle by observing and maintaining a record of what you consume daily. Do not be restrictive when it comes to eating. Consume a variety of fruits, grains and green vegetables and most importantly, drink a lot of water. Your diet should have the correct mix of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates. No exercise will have an effect on your body if you do not follow a healthy diet.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly not only helps you in maintaining physical fitness but also helps in building mental strength. Continuity is the most important factor in staying fit. Taking a break will break the rhythm and getting back on track would be difficult. A well-rounded fitness regime includes strength training, cardio and stretching exercises. One must also do crossover exercises like running, swimming and cycling to stay fit.  

Build Concentration

Concentration plays a major role in excelling in Kabaddi. It is critical for Kabaddi players to be calm on the ground, concentrate on the game and devise on-ground strategy to take on the opponents. Kabaddi is a rough and quick game, so players tend to lose focus and crumble under pressure. Yoga and meditation will help you in building concentration and staying focused during matches. 

Build Endurance

Endurance is the ability to sustain prolonged exercise for a long stretch of time and the ability to recover from injuries. Endurance and stamina are very important for a Kabaddi player, as the game is quick and requires a lot of energy. One must train with intensity and willpower and should not give up easily. Walking, jogging and swimming are cardio exercises which help build stamina. Increasing the duration of cardio exercises day by day will also help in increasing your stamina. 

Be disciplined

Achieving success without discipline is impossible in any game. You should follow a routine that suits your needs and always be consistent in that. Be focused, plan your day out, keep a check on your food intake and get enough sleep. It is important to not give into temptations and be dedicated. These small things will direct your success. 

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