PKL | Five players who sustained season-ending injuries

PKL | Five players who sustained season-ending injuries

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In the past, injuries have made it more likely for Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) clubs to miss out on key players at the beginning or middle of the season. Since kabaddi is a contact sport and participants play aggressively, injuries cannot be prevented, a few have ended seasons for certain, prematurely.

Sportscafe takes a look at players who suffered major injuries during the season:

Pawan Sehrawat (Tamil Thalaivas)

The great raider suffered an injury in the opening game of PKL season 9 itself, and in the seven minutes he was on the field, he managed just one raid point. Due to his wounded knee, Pawan originally sent Narender Kandola and Ajinkya to raid ahead of him, probably playing it cautious. However, the raider injured his knee while trying a tackle, had to be carried away, and missed the entire season.

The largest offer in all nine seasons went to Tamil Thalaivas for Pawan, who cost an astounding 2.26 crores. The overall prize money for all teams was close to $4 cr. However, after losing Ajay Thakur, Tamil Thalaivas increased their price for Pawan by more than 50% since they needed a top-tier raider.

Ajay Thakur ( Dabang Delhi KC)

Ajay Thakur was acquired by Dabang Delhi KC for 46 lakhs during PKL season 8 to serve as one of their primary raiders to help Naveen Kumar, although the team did not give the seasoned raider a lot of playing time. Prior to getting hurt, the former Indian captain could only muster five raid points, and he was unable to play the rest of the season. Ajay was the captain and main raider for the Tamil Thalaivas, and the Delhi franchise trusted in his leadership and expertise but wasn't able to fully capitalize on it.

Prapanjan (Tamil Thalaivas)

Tamil Thalaivas were looking for a capable raider to replace Ajay Thakur after his stellar performance with Bengal Warriors in season 7 of the league. Prapanjan was acquired by the southern franchise for a staggering 77 lakhs. Being a Tamil Nadu native, the franchise had high expectations for the gentlemen. but regrettably sustained an injury during the season's first half. Ajinkya Pawar and Manjeet Dahiya made valiant efforts to cover the raider's gap.

Surender Nada ( Patna Pirates)

Surender Nada, a seasoned defender, was acquired by Patna Pirates in PKL season 7 for 77 lakhs. Pardeep Narwal, the dubki king, led the Patna Pirates in a successful raiding campaign. However, their performances were being hampered by the defence. To successfully handle this Patna bid for Surender, but regrettably, he was sidelined for the entirety of season 7. He had a nagging ailment from the season before as well. But the team put the most of the bet on him in the hopes that he would avoid injuries. Then Patna switched Nada out for Monu, an all-arounder who made a respectable choice.

Only 11 games were available for Nitin Tomar to appear in for Puneri Paltan during season 6. The great raider was able to reach 102 raid points, or a healthy pace of 9 points per game, before becoming hurt. For 1.15 crores, Nitin was acquired, and Anup Kumar had high expectations for him. Puneri went out of their way to acquire Nitin since Nitin got 177 points in season 5, which was also his most prosperous season, for UP Yoddhas. Puneri Paltan just concluded the sixth season outside the playoff berth.

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