PKL | All that is wrong with Telugu Titans

PKL | All that is wrong with Telugu Titans

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Out of the 12 games that have been played so far in the edition, the side from the south has only won one match. The Telugu Titans' deplorable streak also carries over to PKL Season 9; none of the players in the team have displayed any form, while injuries to key players have been disappointing.

Although they are practically out of the competition, mathematically Titans still have a chance of making the playoffs. The Patna Pirates, Tamil Thalaivas, and now Dabang Delhi have all put on some frightening displays, but they weren't quite as bad as the Titans. Just about everything has failed for them. 

SportsCafe looks at the possible reasons for Titans' failure: 

Raiding has been a big concern for the team. Rajnish is injured, Adarsh T has been woefully out of form and Siddharth Desai has flattered to deceive. Abhishek Singh has been a disappointment too. Who does the team go to then is the big question?

Defence has not been any good either. We've seen how effortlessly they let the raiders steal additional points in previous games. One game when Surender Gill was able to accumulate so many bonuses and defeat the Titans was the one against the UP Yoddhas. Pardeep Narwal scored nine points during the contest, demonstrating how appalling their defence has been.

The Telugu Titans have been often replacing their skippers, but it is also not helping them. A disastrous effort by legendary player Ravinder Pahal was followed by erratic play by Surjeet Singh. Monu Goyat, another leader, is powerless to turn the tide for the group.

No player has been able to come up with a viable plan to save their squad from the crisis. The majority of the bad decisions made by the captains during the game contributed to their defeat. Even after the timeout, no strategies were evident. The players may not be able to execute what is being provided, or the captains may not be able to communicate the correct plan to the players.

In any sport, motivation and confidence are two essential components, but it appears like the Telugu Titans lack both in PKL 9. They weren't the only team having trouble at the beginning of the competition; Patna Pirates and Tamil Thalaivas also had a rough start, but both of them produced a remarkable comeback. The Thalaivas must consider what they can learn from both franchises and how they might make things better.

Before Season 9, the franchise let go of two of their key defenders who may have made a difference. A player like Surender Singh might significantly improve the team's defence, keeping in mind their current defensive abilities. He has frequently been the driving force behind his team's victories. Sandeep Khandola, on the other hand, was a difficult release as well. The Titans might have invested in some quality defenders at the auction, but for PKL 9, they ought to have trusted Sandeep and Surender.

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