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Truthful Tuesday | Jurgen Klopp is right; but implementing the five substitutes rule could save careers

"Sky and BT have to talk. If we keep playing on Wednesday and Saturday 12:30 I am not sure if we will finish the season with 11 players,” Jurgen Klopp told Sky's Geoff Shreeves.
Siddhant Lazar
featuresports2 days ago

Overreaction Monday ft. ICC’s WTC rule change, Bored captain Kohli and X-Factor Natarajan

Ah, another week of no cricket and as a result, we have some of the craziest, wittiest and some statements that would clearly leave you in splits, all coming from former cricketers and of-course, the ICC. This week we have some of the biggest and the boldest predictions in world cricket.
Aakash Sivasubramaniam
featuresports3 days ago

The Good, Bad and Ugly ft NZ's Gender-Neutral stadiums, Sami 'USA' Aslam and Marcus Rashford's good fight turned wrong

Another week goes by and we come closer towards the end of 2020 but the chaos that the year has left us a lot to talk about in this week’s edition of ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’. From New-Zealand looking to create gender-neutral stadiums, to a press attack on Marcus Rashford but the world keeps spinning.
Siddhant Lazar
featuresports4 days ago

Satire Saturday | Sourav Ganguly inducted as new god of cricket; BCCI devises new rules for asking questions

For all of you Sachin Tendulkar fans who think that he is the demi-god in the world of cricket, the world has moved forward from 2013 and we are in the age of Sourav 'DADA' Ganguly. Meanwhile, post the Rohit Sharma injury facade, BCCI has introduced some revolutionary rules for questioning them. 
Harshit Anand
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Friday Fights | The Big ODI Fight - Mahela Jayawardene vs Michael Clarke

In today’s edition of Friday Fights, two former captains and absolute legends of their country, Mahela Jayawardene and Michael Clarke take on each other that promises to be anything but dull. While Jayawardene has the edge of playing more matches, Clarke has the averages in his favour.
Deepak Yadav
featuresports6 days ago

Throwback Thursday | Spirited India produce ultimate team effort to clinch 2008 CB series title

Welcome to the series where we present you a moment, a game in history that has shaped the way the sport has been played, in our weekly segment ‘Throwback Thursday.' This week we reminisce about the second final of the 2008 CB series, where India created history by conquering Aussie-land.
Anirudh Suresh
featuresports7 days ago

What if Wednesday | What if Delhi Daredevils bought Deepak Chahar in 2018 IPL Auction

Welcome to a series, where we look back at a mind-puzzling moment in the history of the game and tweak it a little bit to make it mind-boggling. This week, we are looking at what would have happened had Delhi Daredevils bought Agra pacer Deepak Chahar ahead of CSK in the 2018 IPL Auction.
Aakash Sivasubramaniam
featuresports8 days ago

Truthful Tuesday | ICC’s desire of adding more flaws to an already-flawed product clutters WTC

Nothing in the ICC boardroom encapsulates the drama better than a classic Indian movie. It is both the drama and the story, it is mythic storytelling yet a fulcrum to a double-edged world that thrives on its narrative. The beneficiary of the entire idea is, however, left to interpretation.
Bastab K Parida
featuresports9 days ago

Overreaction Monday ft. misunderstood BCCI, Family Man Virat and BBL’s funk obsession

Digging through the happenings of one week and more just to lose temper over them is no fun way to start a Monday but we are SportsCafe, that is how we overcome the blues. November 16 edition of Overreaction Monday features some very big names, including Kohli, Ganguly and............Harbhajan.
Anirudh Suresh
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Satire Saturday | ICC to introduce ‘fifth umpire’ following complaint about third-umpire incompetency

‘WHY DO WE NEED A FIFTH UMPIRE?’ yells an old man out of touch with the game, at the ICC headquarters in Dubai, as he slams the lid of his laptop onto the keyboard upon reading an email he just received.
Anirudh Suresh